Are You Looking Or Searching?

Growing up, I remember my mother telling me to search, not just look. I couldn’t find anything unless it was sitting on top of everything else. That’s looking. That’s just kicking the tires and seeing what might happen. That is living life unguided. That is just going along.

Searching is far more active. It requires moving things out of your way, looking under things, actively being involved. Searching is what those who want do. It is what those who want to truly find do.

Going about just looking results in nothing. Window shopping is just looking. It consumes time, but does not result in anything lasting.

Are you looking or searching?

Looking about for solutions to one’s problems or avenues to new discoveries will lead to frustration and resentment. The issue with looking is that it lacks purpose; it lacks drive; it lacks determination; it just is. It is passive. There is nothing propelling it. There is no Why, so there can be no How.

Searching, on the other hand, is about finding solutions will all manner of vigor. Searching will chase down solutions. It will go down avenues to find them. It is relentless. It is full of drive. It is determined. It has a Why and pushes the How through all possible combinations. It finds new ways when old ways run dry. It makes discoveries that lead to more solutions. Searching is active.

Are you looking for searching?

Looking is use Google or Bing to find 42,000 ways to make money on-line. Looking will take one to many websites, perhaps even sign up for a few. Looking sees $200 to start and thinks that’s too much. Looking leads to thinking everything is a scam and there really isn’t a way out. Looking is what the 98% do.

Searching uses Google and Bing to find reviews. Searching discovers which businesses are best. Searching scoffs are $200 to start as too cheap and understands the profits will be too low. Searching leads to start a business that costs thousands and doesn’t worry about the fees. Searching gets results. Searching is what the 2% do.

Are you looking for searching?