David Icke Is Full Of Crap

English: David Icke, English writer and public...
English: David Icke, English writer and public speaker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Icke. To many, he is a blabbering fool who talks nonsense about Satanic cults, a Saturn-Moon Matrix, alien reptilians from other dimensions and how pedophiles run the world. To others, he is a modern day prophet, showing the way to a new reality and starting a revolution against the world’s oppressors. Are both correct?

David Icke is most definitely anti-establishment. That should not be confused as a Communist or even Socialist. He does not believe Government is the answer for anything and large Governments are the worst. His political leanings seem more Libertarian than any other label. He doesn’t seem to have much faith in the American Constitution either. He sees the found of America as a scam pulled by the Free Masons of the Colonies. Never mind there was a very large and powerful anti-Masonic movement at the time of the founding. The National Bank was defeated twice in the early years and it did not successfully return until 1913.

David Icke is most definitely anti-religion, especially what he calls Christianity. Other than a supposed amalgamation of Isis, Ra and El to make the English word Israel, he seems to give the Hebrews a pass. He also finds no love for Islam, though he does seem to like Hinduism. His definition of Christianity is synonymous with the Catholic Church and the Church of England, both of which he labels as Satanic Saturn worship. A reading of the New Testament easily shows that neither the Catholic Church nor the Church of England bears any resemblance to Christianity, so perhaps he has these cults labeled correctly, but lumping in Christianity is far from fair.

His amalgamation of ancient languages translated into English to prove his beliefs is beyond the pale. Israel more modern. In Hebrew, name is מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל which is rendered as Medīnat Yisrā’el, not such an amalgamation anymore, is it David Icke?

His ultimate goal is Love for All. This heavily echoes the very nature of Christ’s ministry. It also echoes Mahatma Gandhi principles. Some may argue that this is a Universal message, but given David Icke’s “all religions are bullocks” stance, it is more than ironic. I do agree with Icke’s message of Love. After all, it is the message of my Lord.

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