Focus on the solution

Bam! Failure! Bam! Failure! Plunk!

Failure comes to all. Failure is a part of growth. Failure happens. It is what you do with failure that is important. Failure only wins if you do not get back up and move forward again.

It is good to take ownership of the failure (the “buck stops here” principle), but do not dwell on it. Analysis what went wrong and then seek solutions. No, hunt down solutions like your life depends on it.

Finding solutions to failures and problems separates the 2% from the rest. They do not see failure as a negative. It is simply a way to eliminate a pathway, find a dead-end and an opportunity to start again. It shows them what does not work and points toward what does.

Solutions are what allow one to overcome obstacles. Concentrating on the problem and failure leads nowhere. Over analyzing the situation also leads nowhere. Knowing the cause of the problem is only helpful if it leads to a solution. Otherwise, it is a wasteful exercise or self-loathing.

Own the failure. Understand what went wrong. Own the all out creation of the solution and overcome.