Give me the Pain


It is a word that itself is harsh. It has many facets. It has many ways. Physical. Emotional. Psychological. Pain is all there.

Pain can drive some to do good, others to to evil. Pan can bring about change; it can bring about disaster. It can create. It can destroy. Pain can push or it can be pushed. Pain gives energy. Pain takes it.

How one responds to pain is based on many factors. It is a result of who one is. Different is everyone’s results. Different is everyone’s pain. What one may see as easy to handle, another will fold under the same. Pain is individualized. Pain is personal. Pain is forceful.

Physical pain may come from an injury. It may come from worn parts. It may come with old age. The mind may overcome it. The mind may be subdued by it.

Emotional pain may come from the hurtful words of a loved on. It may come as a result of seeing others in pain. It may come from a love lost, never to return. Emotional pain may also lead to physical pain. It may cause illness. It may cause despair. It may so overwhelm a body that it cannot move. Speak. Dream.

Pain Management

Some may turn to medication to manage their pain. Medication may cause dependency, addiction. Others will turn to physical therapy. The get stretched. They get prodded. They yearn to be free of the pain. The pain never fully leaves. The mind begins to accept it. The mind becomes ruled by it. Pain wins. Pain is king.

Where are you with your pain? Does it rule you? Do you rule it? Do you look forward to the pain as a hurdle to be overcome? Do you run from pain?