Have Faith

The Apostle Paul writes in Hebrews that without faith it is impossible to please God. Dani Johnson writes that it is the lack of faith in one’s self that causes failure. Faith is more than just a religious expression, it is how we live our lives.

For the Entrepreneur, faith is an all important component. It is what let’s one know that success will be had. It is more than just leaping blindly from the ledge, it is in knowing that there is a place to land and it will be reached. Faith is that knowing.

Having constant failure in your business venture? Working very hard, but not seeing any results? Take a good step back and examine yourself. Do you believe you will have success or are you just wishing? Having the latter means you do not have faith. Success in business is not about winning the lottery. It is not dumb luck that a business grows and brings rewards to those who start. It is about faith.

Faith is the underlying support. Someone’s why is what drives them, what keeps them going. It is their faith that allows them to see success before it happens. It is their faith that cuts through all the murkiness. They have faith in their abilities. They know they have what it takes. They know they will be successful and realize their dreams. They have faith.

Work on your faith this week. Examine and meditate on how you truly see your abilities. Where you find lack, seek training and guidance. Build on small successes and increase your faith in yourself. After all, you are an Entrepreneur. You did start a business. You much have at least a mustard seed of faith in yourself to get that far. Grow it.