“Keys to Your Success” – Why Do I Want To Be In Business?

Marketing is about you. It is about your story. It is about your value proposition. It controls you advertising and your target audience. Why a business needs to do marketing s as fundamental as business itself. Ok then, why would anyone want to be in business?

Why Do I Want To Be In Business?

That is a great question. Awesome, now what? Hey, we are getting there. One moment.

Being in business starts with an idea; with a dream; with a desire. It is about controlling your own destiny; getting the labor of you efforts; making a difference; creating something new. A business is a living, breathing organism. It needs attention. It needs direction. It needs you.

Being in business can get uncontrolled. It can own you. It can reward you.

And Why Do I Want To Be In Business?

The question itself holds the key to its own answer. Why. A business that starts with Why is one that starts off in the center. Simon Sinek constructed his Golden Circle for just that question: Why. Your Why has to be at the center of everything you do in order to create your value proposition. It will direct your How, which will in turn create your What.

Starting from the outside and working in is a rare achievement. Don’t start with What you want to sell. Start with Why you want to sell it. Be honest. Be forthright. Be real.

Many are the motivations for people to start a new business. Some want to improve on products of others. Some want to make money. Some want to change the world. Some being by filling a need for a loved one. Others discover ways of helping everyone simultaneously. Some seek to solve a problem. Some seek to remove barriers. Some want to put food on the table.

Your motivation for choosing this path is yours alone. Start with it. Run with it. Live it.

And what of me? Many ask why I am in business. Why do I blog and make videos. Why do I seek out people who want to make a change with their lives. That is Why.

People want to make a change. They want to experience something different. They want more control. They want to learn. They need to grow. That is Why.

I am compelled by a desire to help people help themselves. My Why is rooted in watching people grow, spread their wings and accomplish beyond their wildest imaginations. To see them run on their own. To go where only they can. That is Why.

My heard beats with the sound of a thousand drummers. It skips to the music others create. It is warmed by the light of a smile. It desires You.

You are my Why. You are Whom I seek. It is time to make a difference in your life. It is time to reach the goals. It is time to make a change. Stand up. Be counted. Find your Why and let it become you.