Behind Making Today Yours

Shania Twain, live in Wembley, UK
Shania Twain, live in Wembley, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The more I listen to Shania Twain‘s song “Today is your day” the more I realize the power behind the lyrics. It is far more than a song giving good vibes or the pat on the head “it will be ok” attitude. It is a song about how to make today yours.

So much is this realization taking over my mind, that I am writing a long article on HubPages about the song, breaking down the lyrics. The song shows one must have a plan, have believed and persevere through everything. Only then will today be yours.

Today is not giving to those who wait for it. It is given to those you pursue it will all vigor, never quitting, never giving up, no matter what happens or what comes your way. It is only through total commitment, total believe, total faith, total endurance, total strength, total mind and total effort that today becomes yours.

Grab it and go for it. You can do it.

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