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Why You Need A Mentor

A Mentor??

Very few are lucky enough to have been born with all the knowledge, know-how and experience to do whatever they want to the fullest of any human ability. The rest of us need someone to train us. Someone to guide us. Someone to give advice based on experience and testing. Someone to mentor us.

A mentor is more than just a teacher or instructor. A mentor is a trusted guide. A mentor taught Odysseus’ son Telemachus. A mentor is someone close to you. Someone whose advise and teaching you long for. Someone who can be bold and blunt, without it being taken personal. Someone who can correct your quickly and applaud you thoroughly. A congratulations from a mentor is meaningful; deep.

Mentoring is about building trust. The mentor must be trusted by the student. The student must be trusted by the mentor. The mentor must trust that a student will do as they instruct. No whining. No backtalk. Just do it. A student must trust that a mentor will not put them in harms way or beyond their abilities. Otherwise, the student will likely question every instructions. The mentor’s word is absolute and final. The student’s results are beneficial and enlightening.

At 5 Point Management, the M in SMILE stands the Mentoring. We believe that everyone needs a mentor. We believe that everyone needs someone to mentor. By having a mentor, one grows in knowledge. By being a mentor, one grows in understanding. To desire a subject is to learn it. To know a subject is to teach it.