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Stop Voting For Parties

It is the presidential election season in America again. Every four years, the parties come

1795 - 1823
1795 – 1823 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

out and crap on each other. Every four years people complain about it. Yet, every four years they elect some talking head from the Elephants or the Jackasses. Enough!

When I was in high school, I could not understand why anyone would ever vote for a Democrat. Their policies kept the poor in their place and crippled everyone else. I remembered the Carter years of high fuel prices, high unemployment, high interest rates and high misery. Why would anyone vote to return to that mess? Both Clinton and Obama are more of a Statist than Jimmy Carter, so why did they win?

As I learned more about liberty and the founding of the nation, I wondered why anyone would ever vote for a Republican. After all, with the exception of Reagan, most Republicans are approved by the establishment and are Progressives. Sure, they tend to be to the right of the Marxist Obama, but they are a mix of Fascist and Social Democrat. They take away freedoms and Liberty same as the Democrats. Why would anyone want that?

America was founded on the ideals of Liberty and Limited Government. The Government was to exist at the Will of the People. Not the other way around. The Progressives of both parties have lead the country down the road to total tyranny. They now control the education system in America to keep the populace ignorant and wanting more Government control. It is sad.

In his Farewell Speech to the Nation, George Washington warned about political parties. He belonged to none and is the only President to be so. He was very correct on the parties warring against one another, though I am highly doubtful he foresaw the mess we have today.

Anyone who votes for an Elephant or a Jackass has no room to complain. Want real change in American politics? Vote for someone in a different party.

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