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Eye On Integrity

Keeping An Eye On Integrity

Integrity: being complete; undivided; focused; true; unimpaired.

Whatever the synonym, integrity is at the center of SMILE. It is at the center of everything done at 5 Point Management. It is at the center to keep us balanced. It is the center of who we are.

Too many people use Integrity as a buzzword. It gets banded about as if it were a shuttlecock in a badminton game on a well groomed lawn. Overused, overstated and under performing. That is how integrity gets pushed today.

Integrity is too key to allow such trivialities. One has to have integrity to last, to be seen as honest and to be a lasting leader. Politicians claim to have it, then display they do not. Scoundrels posing as businessmen claim it, then use practices that are immoral.

Integrity is not something faked. It must be a part of who one is. Must be in the heart. Must be in the mind. It must be the center of everything.

In the word SMILE, the letter I balances the other four. It gives symmetry to the folding point. It is the center. Integrity was chosen for the I in SMILE to remind us, to balance us, to focus us. Integrity is who we are. We are it.

Legacy Is Rocking

Are you at Legacy? No? Why?

Legacy is the third session in a three part series of training events. The series is named AFL for Action, Freedom and Legacy. It is the place where all the parts come together. It is where the picture becomes complete.

Legacy is a mastermind for Pro U members lead by the Loyal 9 and Team Rashkin held in the Loyal 9 headquarters in Hasbrouck, New Jersey. It is not for the timid. It is for the serious.

Pro U is about community. It is about every member helping every other. It is more than a business opportunity. It is entry into a training and mentoring culture. Do the work and it will lead to more.

It will lead to more opportunity elsewhere. It will lead to creating your own voice, your own business. It will create a new journey for you. It will make the future you want possible.

The opportunity is not a consumable. The product is not a one use and dispose. It is a new way of thinking about yourself. It is a way for you to get the training and direction you need to have your own business. Not one selling Pro U to others. One selling your services to other businesses. You will become a marketer, dedicated to helping others. You will become a leader.

Legacy is rocking. Are you here?