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SMILE with Sincerity

The motto for 5 Point Management is SMILE. This is an acronym that reminds us everyday why we are here and what we are about. SMILE starts with Sincerity.

When you are dealing with people, whether for a business transaction or meeting for the first time, it is very important that they believe you are sincere. When you are not, they will wonder what you want from them, what you want to sell them or if they are being scammed. Sincerity goes a very long way to convey to them you truly care for them as a person.

Sincerity is more than a warm smile or a good handshake. Sincerity must come from within. It must come from deep. It must be a part of who you are. It cannot be faked. Doing so will come across as empty, shallow, manipulative, condescending. It turns people off and they will most likely stop listening, no matter what you are saying.

Make sincerity a part of your being. Breath it. Learn it. Live it.