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Understand What, Then Build

Search around the Web these days and it is easy to find all manner of self-help-isms that tell about starting with Why or to make a dream so large that seeing it consumes and drives you or to take massive action. All of these are great advice, but all of them lack a simple, often overlooked part. Before any of that can be done, one must understand What. What is the goal? What is going to be built?

When a clear, end goal is not known, a plan that has an end cannot be designed. Therefore, something cannot be built. All too often, people will start a new endeavor with goals such as “get debt free,” “spend more time with the family,” “go on vacation.” All of these are excellent goals, but none of them define What you are building. And no, the goal “to change the world” isn’t any better.

Deciding what to build can be quite easy and small. For instance, suppose one wants to build small business. Many times these are built on dreams, not reality. First, what kind of business? For this example, let’s say it is a flower shop. How big and located where? Will it be a specialty shop or general flowers? Who will be the targeted clientele? How many employees? What skills should they possess?

Define it. One step at a time.

For the flower shop, massive action may include market research to understand where the shop should be located and how to reach the target audience. Starting with Why will generate motivation when times go slowly or tough, a message to which customers can relate, and a direction to reach them.  Understanding What to build will make the dream not only real, but give it tangibility.

Understand exactly What you want to Build, then Build.


Without Action, 2012 Is Just Another Year

The Year End

At the end of the year, many people reflect over their lives. What did they do that year? What do they like? What do they not? Such reflections usually result in some manner of a list of changes they would like to make starting Jan 1. New Year’s Resolutions they are called.

Some want to lose weight. Others want to quite smoking. Still others may opt to manage their time better. No matter the desire, the results typically are the same. That first week of January the gym is crowded, but soon the attendance wanes and returns to normal. Money comes out each month anyway for that membership, few go.

The cigarettes. The alcohol. The overeating. The laziness and complacency. It all returns. Old habits come back. Oh, maybe next year.

Stop the Procrastination

The problem is not in the resolution. The problem is not in the desire. The problem is in the execution. In the action. Without action, 2012 is just another year. Just another time. Just more waiting and wishing.

Miss one day? So what, pick it up the next. Miss a week? So what, start over again. Right now! Don’t procrastinate anymore! Take action!

Take Massive Action

Some changes need to be built, slowly over time. They still require massive action, just action that is placed over many days or weeks. That twenty extra pounds were not gained in three days, so don’t expect it to be gone that quickly. Develop a plan. Take action against it. Massive action! Build the momentum.

Learning new skills may require massive action up front, coupled with restrained action as a follow up. Research. Study. Testing. Great bits of information all at once, digested slowly. Akin to pushing a large bolder. Take the massive action at the start and let momentum carry the rest, providing additional energy as needed. Without that first action, nothing will happen.

Without Action, 2012 Is Just Another Year

Decide what you want to change. Research what it takes. Find experts who can help. Find mentors who will encourage and equip. Develop a plan. Take a deep breath. Start. Take MASSIVE action. Don’t let 2012 become just another year. Create the better habits. Walk the talk. Get results. The secret is actions, not resolutions.