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Wit Ale By Rivertown, A Beer Review

Beer vendor
Beer vendor (Photo credit: BrainMuffin)

One of the many hats I wear is the one of Cincinnati Craft Beer Examiner. It is a heavy hat and one that falls off from time to time. As more and more breweries open in Cincinnati, and perhaps someday one run by yours truly, there is much beer to review and it is well passed due.

The full review is available on the Cincinnati Craft Beer Examiner blog: Beer Review: Wit Ale by Rivertown Brewery. So, why mention it here just to post a link back? Because, duh!

There is also a video review of the beer.

To be more informative, because being the Cincinnati Craft Beer Examiner is a part of who I am and this blog is about all the wonderful things I do and wish to share. This blog is about my opinions and observations. This blog is about coming together to walk the road to the future together. So, it’s about more than me. It’s about us.

Through the pages of the Cincinnati Craft Beer Examiner blog, one is taken on a journey through craft beer, history of Cincinnati, beer and food pairings, menu ideas, local Cincinnati beer related events and festivals. Yeah, it has all that.

Again, why all the repeat?

Because, it is necessary. Read all the stuff. Share all the stuff. And the pages will get better.

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Pushing The Reviews

Perhaps I’m learning more about Search Engine Optimization or perhaps I’m lucky. My article about former classmate Edwina Marquand is now the first link when searching for her name. In a future article I’ll be sure to do the same for another former classmate by the name of Kevin Pelch. After all, he is the one who gave me the nickname Ropeman in the 10th grade. It is a name I used proudly for years until Anne Langley gave me the one of Brainmuffin. That, however, is writings for another time.

As many readers know, I also write as the Cincinnati Craft Beer Examiner. As the Cincinnati beer scene is going crazy these days, it is quite a bit keeping up. Several breweries have opened over the last few years, including Listermann’s (yes, the home brew supply place), Mad Tree and Double Barrel. Oh, what to do.

Well, it is time to do reviews. Not of one beer from each brewery. No, that wouldn’t feed my OCD very well. It is time to review everything available. Oh great…more text to read. Yes, but also video reviews. Pictures of beer (posted to Flickr too). After all, it is time to combine all my passions into a single, directed future. It is time time to combine beer, photography and writing. After all, Charlie Papazian was the one who pushed me to start on Examiner and it is high time his recommendation was rewarded.


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Tomorrow Will Be Epic

Budweiser promotional beer girl at a sporting ...
Budweiser promotional beer girl at a sporting event, the Canadian Grand Prix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is late. I am drinking a 4-Play Porter by Shades of Pale Brewing Company. I am blogging. It is our last night in Utah.

Tomorrow, or should I say later today, it will be a rather early rise. Packing, breakfast, some souvenir shopping and then off to Arches National Park. We went there tonight to look at the stars. I took a few photos. I’ll post links once I’ve processed them.

The porter, by the way, ain’t too bad. Here in Moab, they do have a Microbrewery. Been there three times. The beers are good and the food is excellent. The gelato is unbelievable, especially the vanilla. I digress.

Tomorrow is also our long drive back to Salt Lake City. At the end of that drive, however, is the epic portion of this whole trip. That is when we arrive at Epic Brewing Company. I’ve been looking forward to this since we decided to visit Utah. Yes, it is the last day and I still have to drive to turn in the rental car. Yes, I cannot over indulge. Yes and all that. The tour and lunch will still be Epic, no matter what. After all, it is Epic Brewing!

Already in touch with Epic Brewing as the Cincinnati Craft Beer Examiner, I look more than forward to the visit. I’ll get to talk to the brewers, see the facilities and taste the freshest beers possible. All in a state know more for Mormons than beer. Yes, it will be Epic.

So, cheers everyone. Pictures will be taken. Ideas will be exchanged. Beers will be tried. Epic-ness will be had.

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