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My name is Bryon and I’m an Introvert

Susan Cain theatre session
Susan Cain theatre session (Photo credit: joeyanne)

I came across Susan Cain’s video on TED TALKS while looking for fellow INTJs on YouTube. It may seem odd to be looking for others as an introvert, though it is quite normal for us. We are not necessarily shy. We internalize our thinking and like to be by ourselves. What better way to find others than through the Internet.

Introversion is not shyness. Introverts like to think to talk. They internalize their thought process and do look for the input of others. The value of others is high and they long to be valued.

Susan’s speech is about the power of introverts. She discuss how the tend to be better leaders and how solitude matters. Our society seems hellbent on removing extroverts. Classrooms are typically setup for group assignments and it causes introverts to feel uncomfortable or that they are in too noisy a place.

Solitude is important. Being able to go off by one’s self allows the mind to be free to express and explore. Ideas come forth and flourish. Today’s society sets higher value on sales than ideas. Here, Introverts are often overlooked and forgotten.

Groups are necessary for creating required solutions. Each person also needs to be valued to be left to work alone to foster deep thought. Truth is found in the stillness of many streams.

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Getting With People, Living With People


We go from day-to-day. We see people. We come and go. We arrive. We depart. We get up, eat, go about our business and sleep. Life is a movement. Life is dynamic. Life ebbs and flows. Life pushes forward, no matter what. Life creates. Life spreads. Life is.

Everyday, new life is started. Everyday, old life is over. Everyday a new beginning. Everyday a final end. Everyday.


People interact with one another. People buy. People sell. People talk, cry, love, hate, shout, play. People are people. People have feelings. People get depressed. People have joy. People get relaxed.


Putting people and life together brings about change. It brings creativity. It brings destruction.

People and life together create the most wonderful of results. People and life built the great pyramids. People and life built Stonehenge. People and life built Notre Dame.

People and life together create philosophy. People and life together created the best experiment of personal Liberty the world has seen in America. People and life created love.

Life is a people business

Life is about coming along side another for a time, creating something greater than the parts and separating into different paths. Life is about helping people. Life is about knowing people.

Life is a people business.