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Stop! Get out of the way!

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Ok, stop! Stop what you are doing! Move over! Be quiet! Yeah, you!

It is time to get real with yourself. You are the reason you do not have success. Yes, you. It is not your circumstances. It is not your lack of education. It is you. It is only you.

Look in the mirror. There you will find the person who is holding you back; there is who is inĀ  your way. There is the obstacle to over come. There is why you don’t have what you want. There is why you don’t succeed.

Yes, it is hard to take. Yes, the journey is unfair. Yes, you have a challenge. Yes, yes, yes.

We get in our own way time after time. We justify to ourselves why we do not have time to do something. We invent excuses why things do not happen. We blame others. We point fingers. We do not take responsibility. Everyone of those actions speaks volumes why we don’t have what we want, don’t have the success, don’t have the lifestyle, don’t have the marriage. All of that. We are the problem.

We are also the solution. You hold the keys to your success. Yes, you. Not some guru on television or the Internet. You and only you. You have to do the work. You have to get the experience. You must obtained the skills. A coach can help guide you, show you direction, point out a weakness. A mentor can show you better ways and better avenues. Only you can take the field. Only you can walk down the road. Your success is your business. It does not belong to someone else. It belongs to you.

See how to get started on your path.

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Time. We All Get The Same.

Time. Some want more of it. Some use it wisely. Some squander it ruthlessly. Some use it to succeed. Some use it to dig dipper into despair.

Everyday on Earth is measured in units of 24 hours. Unless scheduled for departure, every human gets the same about. Everyday. Every week. Every year. The rich do not get more and the poor do not get less. Some relish in it, others try to manage it.

The matter what book one might read on time management, the secret is it cannot be managed. No matter what one might do or how hard one might try, the clock moves forward at the same rate. Due dates always arrive. The secret is to manage yourself in time.

Ever wonder where the time goes? Ever wonder why some get some much done and others flounder? The answer is obtained by a very simple task. Journaling.


Get a notebook and journal every thing you do in a day. Write down the time a task is started. Write down the time of every interruption. Write down how every minute is spent. At the end of the day, review the journal. What was productive time on an assigned task? What is just goofing off? What is frivolous? What is quality time? What is personal time?

The journal does not lie. It shows where your time went. Spending 2 hours a day talking to co-workers? Some co-worker bothering you 10 minutes of every hour? Hour much longer than you thought? Productive time too short?

No this for a week. Review at the end. Sum the time on productive tasks and divide by the hours expect. How productive are you? Now you know.

The exercise must be done every day to start to have some effect. The answer to where time goes will become answered. Now you know the source of distraction and delay. Now you know where to aim energy to improve. Now you will start to manage yourself in time.