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You Have Value

I truly believe that every person ever born, in no matter what era or location, has a purpose, worth, and value. Sadly, very few realize their worth and potential, while some choose to use their talents for evil. Some have natural talents for leadership. Ghandi used his to overthrow British rule through non-violent protest. Napoleon, Alexander, and Hitler used theirs to conquer and terrorize the world of their day.

Various philosophies and religions have teachings about the value of people. Often they relate the worth with the soul. So have lessened the value by concentrating only on “winning” the soul to their Savior or path to enlightenment. Souls that do not choose to follow this path are lost and some believe they have no value. They are incorrect. Any soul contained in the body of anyone has value. Man is not created without worth.

Other views regard this existence as merely consciousness having an experience. This view is just another part of the puzzle of reality, not the end all construct. The conscience (soul) of each person does use the body as a vehicle to experience life, learn and acquire knowledge, and leave its influence on the Universe. Whether one believes in the cycling of consciousness through multiple lives or the single passing of one life, each Person has value. They have a mix of talents and will not seen before, nor will it be seen afterward. Each Person. Each Soul. Each Life is unique and worthy of being treated with the Respect and Love shown a priceless object.

Sadly, many who do not see their own worth wish to strangle and deny worth to others. They are small people and they will use all manner of destructive means to harm the Soul of others. They will tell children they have no value. They will throw children away do to inconvenience. They will neglect those for whom they are charged to grow and nurture. Sometimes the abuse is subtle, other times the scars are visible. Whether intellectual, emotional, physical, or mental, the results of abuse are the same: the target Person feels and believes they have no Value, no Worth, no Future, no Purpose.  False.

It is the responsibility of the Individual to understand their gifts, use them to discovery their Purpose, their Why, and choose to use the Knowledge for the betterment of the Universe. Love flowing from Purpose and Worth creates the most beautiful of futures for everyone. It is only through such use, such exploration, that the Eternal Hope can be realized. As put in 1 Corinthians 13:13 – Now remain these three: Faith, Hope, and Love. The Greatest of these is Love.

It is through Love that Jesus walked upon the Earth. It is Love he showed to all who sought, rebuking only the religious who had defained the House of God and His message. He summed all of the Law in “Love the Lord your God with all your mind, soul, and strength, and Love your neighbor has yourself.” This tenant requires one to first have Love for themselves in order to Love others in the same way. It requires one realizes they have Value so they may help others to find theirs. It requires Love to flow from an unquenchable source. One cannot claim to have Value at the expense of others. One’s Value flows outward in Love and Creation, not Hate and Destruction.

Every Creation has Worth, Value, and Purpose. Every Soul has a Choice. Choose wisely.


The Stars Have Come Out

This blog has been around for nearly a year. Some things have changed, while others have not. Today marks the time for a significant change. Not so much to the blog itself, but to the efforts going on around it.

As I’ve been able to help other people and as they have begun to grow, it came time for me to put my foot forward more than it had been. It became time to more loudly announce to the world that changing the lives of others for the better is serious business. As such, it became time to solidify that business.

Today I am announcing the creation of 5 Point Management, LLC. The effort to creation this business took about 3 months. It was quite the arduous task, well worth it though.

The key for 5 Point is SMILE. It is what guides us daily. It is who we are, what we do and why we do it. It is our very center. Up coming posts will explain SMILE and why you should face everyday with it.

“Keys to Your Success” – Why Do I Want To Be In Business?

Marketing is about you. It is about your story. It is about your value proposition. It controls you advertising and your target audience. Why a business needs to do marketing s as fundamental as business itself. Ok then, why would anyone want to be in business?

Why Do I Want To Be In Business?

That is a great question. Awesome, now what? Hey, we are getting there. One moment.

Being in business starts with an idea; with a dream; with a desire. It is about controlling your own destiny; getting the labor of you efforts; making a difference; creating something new. A business is a living, breathing organism. It needs attention. It needs direction. It needs you.

Being in business can get uncontrolled. It can own you. It can reward you.

And Why Do I Want To Be In Business?

The question itself holds the key to its own answer. Why. A business that starts with Why is one that starts off in the center. Simon Sinek constructed his Golden Circle for just that question: Why. Your Why has to be at the center of everything you do in order to create your value proposition. It will direct your How, which will in turn create your What.

Starting from the outside and working in is a rare achievement. Don’t start with What you want to sell. Start with Why you want to sell it. Be honest. Be forthright. Be real.

Many are the motivations for people to start a new business. Some want to improve on products of others. Some want to make money. Some want to change the world. Some being by filling a need for a loved one. Others discover ways of helping everyone simultaneously. Some seek to solve a problem. Some seek to remove barriers. Some want to put food on the table.

Your motivation for choosing this path is yours alone. Start with it. Run with it. Live it.

And what of me? Many ask why I am in business. Why do I blog and make videos. Why do I seek out people who want to make a change with their lives. That is Why.

People want to make a change. They want to experience something different. They want more control. They want to learn. They need to grow. That is Why.

I am compelled by a desire to help people help themselves. My Why is rooted in watching people grow, spread their wings and accomplish beyond their wildest imaginations. To see them run on their own. To go where only they can. That is Why.

My heard beats with the sound of a thousand drummers. It skips to the music others create. It is warmed by the light of a smile. It desires You.

You are my Why. You are Whom I seek. It is time to make a difference in your life. It is time to reach the goals. It is time to make a change. Stand up. Be counted. Find your Why and let it become you.