“Two if by Tea” is good for America

Recently, Rush Limbaugh started his own line of tea. The brand is call “Two if by Tea” and is run by his with Kathryn. He says the tea is the best and the formula is well researched. Despite being only available on-line, it is selling well.

The broke 98% crowd hears this news and reacts in the most typical of fashion. Phrases such as “Doesn’t he have enough money?” and “More money for him” come out of their mouths. They are too broke and down on their own lives to see the bigger picture. Rush’s expansion into tea excellence is good for America.

The venture shows the entrepreneurial spirit. It is giving new jobs to some Americans. Rush has gone out of his way to make sure as much of the product comes from America and not overseas from some Chinese sweat shop. The ingredients, bottling and labeling are all high quality. The patriotic theme is more than a marketing stance. Think of it as all-American tea for all Americans.

Seeing the entrepreneurial spirit in action should be applauded, mattering not if you like Limbaugh or tea. Forget the taking head haters and look beyond his politics. Look at the employment of Americans without help from the government. It is in the entrepreneurial spirit where America will find release from the current economic malaise. It is the entrepreneurial spirit that help create, shape and drive America. It is the entrepreneurial spirit that made America great, not government spending and enslavement.

Celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. Buy tea.