Change is in the Air

Gone too long from posting and inventing videos for changing people’s lives, the time has come to return to the text. So much to cover and the time will come one day at a time.

As I’ve made these videos, I’ve been using my name as the default domain. At the moment, this is pushing to my main business website. While this is good for advertising, it is not good in developing a dialog with viewers. It has become obvious that refocusing is required, but on what?

The videos are outreach, this blog should be the main focus. Ergo, change is in the air.

Oh no!!! Change!?!!?!????? Isn’t that an empty political promise from candidates? Yeah, from the Democrats yes, but not here.

What kind of change is in the air??

The change is quite simple, my name domain is moving here. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Once the business sites have been redone, my named domain will forward to the road to the future. Yeah, this is the place!!!

More advice. More talk. More helpful information. It will be great!