YouTube is not removing my videos

Over the last couple of weeks, the YouTube demonitization bot has hit some of the biggest names on the site: Phil DeFranco, Boogie2988, Dave Cullen (Computing Forever), etc. During this same time, a few subscribers noticed an odd occurrence on LapeTV, videos were removed. Concerned, they sent notes asking why.

Some speculated it was YouTube removing content of free speech believers. Some wondered if it was due to how bad they were. Not watched for too long? Remove? What bot was now running amuck on YouTube?

Alas, the truth is far simpler. Thanks for noticing though.

Both the YouTube channel and the blog were started for the same reason. I was involved with a business opportunity called Carbon Copy Pro. It also went by the name of Pro U. Many videos and blog posts were made in an attempt to get search engines to find it.

Yes, the article on SEO included.

Though many people found the blog and the links to the landing pages for the business (I used embedded codes for every lead source), I was never able to fully close any sales. I will honestly admit that I had 100% unsubscribe rate from the Aweber list, despite buying so of the best copy for the e-mails. A few hundred started down the path, none completed the sale.

I eventually quit Pro U and tried another opportunity, but it too failed to generate cash flow. Yes, it did hurt in the wallet a bit. In some ways, I’m still paying. Those business opportunities vanished as well over time. That is the reason why the people who create and run them are serial entrepreneurs. It is not anything insidious like they are scammers and running from the law, most of it is the ever changing market and consumer expectations. Any, I am digressing.

Many of these older videos make references to websites that no longer exist, or which have had their purposes change. This site is the latter. At one time it was a landing page for Pro U and then Remarkamobile, but now it is my personal blog (when I write). Plus, these videos see very few views anymore. It was time to prune.

There you have, dear reader. It was not YouTube removing my videos, it was me. There is no conspiracy to keep Brainmuffin down or to end LapeTV. It was simply a matter of removing old, useless content that no one watched to make room for the future.

Please, view all of the ones that remain.

Thanks for the like.