There’s An X-Wing In That Scene

The second teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is out and all over YouTube. There are many reaction videos and even compilations of these reactions. People have even rated the some of these reactions. To a person, they all really, really loose at the end with Han Solo and Chewbacca: “Chewy. We’re home.” It almost feels like 1977 all over again.

As people watch the trailer, it is interesting what they either miss or do not comment upon. The opening scene pulls back and pans to reveal a fallen Star Destroyer. Some comment it is Tatooine, others that it is Jakku. The latter planet was the site of a battle after the Battle of Endor. As the┬áMillennium Falcon is shown later flying through the engine of a downed Star Destroyer, could this be where Lando Calrissian dies and where Han and Chewy find the ship? Could this be where they are when Han says “Chewy. We’re home.”?

Look closely at the opening scene again. In the foreground, between the speeder going from camera left to right, is a crashed X-Wing Fighter. This is no planet where old ships of the Empire are mothballed. This is a place where a battle did take place. Those who are saying this is Jakku are most likely very correct. Of all the reaction videos and comments I’ve seen, only one person has noted the X-Wing. Yes, there’s an X-Wing in that scene. Very powerful clue as to the meaning.

Later there is a scene with the new soccer ball BB-8 pearing around the corner. The Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim also had this robot moving around on stage, with the head staying on the top. This machine is more than just a CG creation, it actually exists. Could this be the replacement for R2D2 in future movies? In the first 6 movies, R2D2 is the real hero, sacrificing himself at least twice. They did give him props in The Phantom Menace, so perhaps that movie has a redeeming quality after all.

The new characters are introduced, and yes Virginia, John Boyega is in a Stormtrooper uniform. While many are making hay with that realization, there is another scene in the trailer that may give more insight as to what he is doing. There is a hanger scene where Stormtroopers are running about and a Tie Fighter is shooting up the place, including other Fighters. It may very well be this is how Finn escapes from the Empire’s clutches and crash lands on Jakku. He is first to be seen in the first teaser trailer and where he is fleeing something. Time will tell, but it is also something people miss.

During the voice over by Mark Hamill, someone is seen giving Anakin’s lightsaber to a younger person, perhaps a woman. Some have commented it is Darth Vader’s, but that is not correct. This is the saber taken off of Anakin by Obi Wan, given to Luke Skywalker on Tatooine when they meet, and then lost during the dual on Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke loses his hand. Who found it? How did they find it? When?

Oh the questions. Oh the excitement. This movie had better be good or the fans just might revolt. Expectations are high.


You Might Be A Gym Rat If…

A few decades ago, Jeff Foxworthy started a series of observations about Southerners that became his famous “You might be a redneck if…” Little did anymore realize then how long this series would run and just how much money it would generate. It became an expected part of Jeff’s stand-up routine, as well as, calendars, shirts, posters, etc.

The other day during my rest period when doing bench press, Jeff’s series push a moment of inspiration into my head. There are many who wear the title “Gym Rat,” but how does one know? Is it just someone who is always in the gym? Must they be moving iron or are those who do 2 hour cardio workouts gym rats as well? Ah, the criteria. That is what Jeff is using in his comedy bit. The idiosyncrasies and the oddness define the many faces of the type.

To that end, this is the start of what is believed to be the an ongoing series of gym observations. Who are the gym rats and what do they do? Are you one? Is that guy over there one? What about that woman? Time to observe and report. Send in your suggestions.

You might be a gym rat if…

You change the weight to use for reps just to make the plate math easier.

Your schedule consists of “gym time” and “other stuff”.

You want to give advice to the new person, but decide to let them hurt themselves first.

You go to Planet Fitness just to post vines of people who are without clue on the gym equipment.

You choose your time at the gym based on the level of emptiness, preferring to have the place to yourself.

You are able to time your workout by the song being played in the looped gym music.