The Path Of The Tyrant

The method of the Tyrant draws the creation of need, whether through neglect or direct contrivance, to the Public who believes the forbearance of the State till no other avenue has presence. Thereby leading the Public to acceptance, perhaps demanding, the Solution given by the State as the only viable Choice. The Truth being the State generated the circumstance and guided the Public to the path leading to the Tyrant’s placement in power. The culmination of such a path is total loss of Liberty and total growth of the State.

A Public such imprisoned by the Tyrant will have exchanged their Liberty for the illusion of Security. Their light will fade and become unknown. The memory of their Posterity will not contain the pains of Liberty, unless applied by an Awakening. A Public awakened requires temperance lest they should replace one Tyrant with another. Sovereign leadership will direct the Public to apply energy to removing the Tyrant and establishing Liberty.

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Adding 30 Pounds To Squat

English: weight lifting
English: weight lifting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The need to change workout routines differs between people. Some like to do the same routine for months, sometimes for years. There is debate as to whether the body adjusts and stops responding or not. For me, I get bored, so switching every 6 to 8 weeks is a requirement. It is time to address the leg routine and make some changes. The previous routine served well.

What to do?

Looking through several issues of Iron Man Magazine did yield several interesting ideas. As the previous routine was built on articles by Steve Holman, a different author may provide new insight, new ideas. The May 2013 issue, the one with Samantha Ann Leete on the cover and her awesome interview and pictorial inside, contained the winning routine. I’ll write more about the lovely Samantha later.

The article by Roger Lockridge is titled “30 in 30” and aims to add 30 pounds to your squats in 30 days. That is some tall claim. When I first read the article in April (that’s when the May issue arrived), I was more into Steve’s routines, so there was no impetus to install it into the workouts. The time for change has now come.

The routine is brutal with rest periods of only 1 minute or 90 seconds, depending on the exercises being performed. It is centered around the squat, duh, using the leg press as a method to really burn the leg muscles. Leg curls and extensions are first used to warm the muscles, not as a pre-exhaust, and then as a finishing super set. The calves too get their our exercise at the end.

My gym does not have a seated calf raise, so standing raises are used as a substitute. Here is the routine I’m following every 4 days.

  • Leg extension (warmup) 2×20
  • Seated leg curls (warmup) 2×20
  • Squats (light to heavy to 1 rep max)
    • Light 2×10
    • Heavier 2×5
    • Very Heavy 2×3
    • 1 Rep Max 2×1
  • Super set
    • Leg presses (feet high, close) 3×15,12,10
    • Leg presses (feet low, wide) 3×15,12,10
  • Super set
    • Leg extensions 3×25
    • Leg curls 3×25
  • Calf raises 4×20

Rest for a full minute between warmup sets and 90 seconds between work sets. This isn’t a power lifting routine, so don’t let your heart rate drop.

Time to move some iron.


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For The Love Of Liberty

Brooklyn - Green-wood Cemetery: Minerva and th...
Brooklyn – Green-wood Cemetery: Minerva and the Altar to Liberty (Photo credit: wallyg)

It is not the authority of Government to protect the Individual from pain of self-infliction. Society is responsible for understanding such and nurture them to a different path.

The clamor for forced Benevolence is a ruse. Those who feel cheated, slighted and jealous use the plight of others to gain from theft. It promotes the Collective while destroying the Individual so that a few might appease their self-loathing and lack of worth. There is nothing in Creation worth more than the Individual and the Liberty for the greatest pursuit of Happiness. The most tormented Souls reside in the minds who see no worth in Themselves. The utmost evil is produced from those who disallow or destroy the worth of others. One may choose to believe they have no worth, but they have no Right to take it from another.

When an Individual realizes fully their self-worth, it will manifest as Love for Others. It pours forth from all that they are. It pains for those in pain. It cries for those in sorrow. It laughs with those in Joy. Love comes from the worth of the Individual. Love pursues Freedom for Others. Love produces Liberty. Love produces worth in Others. Love multiples in a Society of Individuals. Love dies in a Society of Collectives.

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Stepping Into Gratitude

Thank You - Danke
Thank You – Danke (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

Washington may be vying on the manner of Tyranny to build to enslave the American population, but that does not mean one has to accept the cage. They may build shackles, no matter how well gilded, and the mind is free to choose how the soul will live.

One of the first steps to true daily change and freedom is showing Gratitude. Many have labeled this an “Attitude of Gratitude”. This is not some mere change or just giving an extra dollar as a tip. This is about changing your very being, your very core. There is true power in this attitude.

Start today. Take a few moments and list everything for which you are thankful. Pause. Clear your mind. And write some more. Don’t judge whether something is large or small; doesn’t matter. Write it down. Now think about all your pains being remove. Give gratitude for that. Give gratitude for your future situation. Do not dwell on what you don’t have. Assume the mindset that you have it. Now be thankful.

Everyday, review this list. Give thanks allowed for what you have. Put the thought to the Universe that you deeply desire to have more of this feeling. Desire more Gratitude. It will be provided to you.

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Changing Up The Chest

Pain is temporary, Failure is forever.
Pain is temporary, Failure is forever. (Photo credit: lta362)

The chest workout log has become filled with seven weeks worth of exercising. Starting weights for the flat bench press rose to 25 pounds a side, but staid there since August 23rd. Declined flyes went down in weight, but the angle of the bench was increased, making the reps harder. Pec deck too saw a decline as the emphasis was set to the reps of 30, 20 and 15 for 3 seconds per rep. Only the machine seated press saw significant increases over the seven weeks. It was time for a change.

Finding a new chest workout is quite easy. A simple search in Google will bring back scores of hits, so it was time to read. As the goals of the previous regime were focused on declines with some flat bench finishing, the idea of flipping around is quite central. had several great workouts. Scanned through the beginner ones and moved to more advanced. Ah, blending several into one focused workout.

The result is a workout with one goal: get the chest to respond and grow. On to the layout.

  • Warmup – 10 minutes. Arms, shoulders, chest. They all need to be warm and stretched.
  • Incline Bench Press – 3×8
  • Smith Machine Barbell Neck Press – 2×15, 1×25
  • Incline Dumbbell Flye – 3×8, 1×25
  • Seated Machine Chest Press – 3×30,20,15

No sets are pyramid style. Rest between sets is 45 seconds, except the neck press which is 2 minutes, including after the 1×25 set. The rep speed should be 1 on positive side and 1.5 on negative. The finishing sets on the machine press are 3 seconds on the negative. For added burn, press 6 second negatives after the last set of 15. Go until fail.


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