Coffee Shop Millionaire…a review

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English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de kafo. Français : Photo d’une tasse de caffé Español: Taza de café (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you seen the videos for the “Coffee Shop Millionaire”? They are hard to miss. They are everywhere. In 2011, I signed up for this program. Here’s what it really is.

They claim you don’t need your own website. Wrong. You not only need one, you need several. They gladly will sell you a domain and have hosting. Your site will be complete gibberish, but the search engines will like it. It is all geared to drive traffic. Forget having good keywords as those are too expensive. You will get some crappy key words. Such goes life.

Next you will need product to sell. Money of your money goes out the window. You will not get traffic, nor will you get sales. The “Coffee Shop Millionaire” system is about separating you from your money.

Sure. The videos show numbers going into ClickBank accounts. Yes, that money is real, but it is not typical nor is it what you can do. This is Anthony’s account. After all, he made the system and sells the system. You don’t have the access.

The member’s area is pathetic. No training. No nothing. What a joke.

Forget about making money online with this system. It isn’t possible. I was able to get some money back, but not much. The “Coffee Shop Millionaire” is 100% scam. No checks. No autopilot money. No nothing. It does not make money. Period.

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The Importance Of Your Niche

Niche in the wall
Niche in the wall (Photo credit: RahelSharon)

Back in my Pro U days, Gregg Davison was very keen of stating we needed to find our niche. This was more than finding an opening in a market. Your niche is defined by who you are and how you will express your voice. You must fit well into your niche as you need to own it fully. Choose a niche that doesn’t fit you and your customers will notice.

The idea of a niche was also repeated in training by Michael Force and Andrew Cass. It was a shared and correct idea. It again came to the foreground in workshops lead by Justin Woolf and Aaron Rashkin. Find your niche. Find your niche. Find your niche. Ok, I get it.

Recently I decided to return to trading. I had success before and the market seemed to have at least some direction. It was time to do homework and paper trade to understand trends and cycles. I had mostly failure, but this was the beginning. Time to get some guidance.

The other day I called Michael Parness to seek his knowledge. Previously I had been a member of the Orange belt options service and I was one of the first to sign up for the website We talked for about half an hour and near the end I heard a familiar phrase, “You need to find your niche.” Again?

One may wonder why one would need a niche for trading stocks. It is quite simple. Your niche is your methods: the way you trade, why you trade, how you do plays and when you get out. It is about what you do in your trades. It is about you.

Your niche. What is it? Learn to find it. It is your voice. It is who you are. It is the way to your future.

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No Duh Goes To Peter Morici

duh! (Photo credit: pumpkincat210)

And the “no duh!” award goes to…. Peter Morici

Peter Morici is a guest blogger for CNBC and is professor at the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Ok, that’s nice. During the recent presidential campaign, no rally cry with the Democrats and their sheeple voting block was “Sock the Rich!” It seems these brilliant thinkers believe taxing those who create jobs is a good thing and it will help balance the budget.

Not so fast there Skippy.

The good professor has figured out that soaking the rich will not solve the problem. No kidding? You mean the problem is not one of revenue? Oh my goodness. We are all so dumb.

Yep, the facts are in. Spending is the number 1 issue with the budget. There’s way too much. Welfare, military, foreign aide. You name it. All of it needs to be reduced. For too long the politicians have been buying votes off the back of the unborn. The good professor is right. Tax increases will not bring in enough money. The frugal US government will spend all that in 6 days.

Thanks professor.

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My name is Bryon and I’m an Introvert

Susan Cain theatre session
Susan Cain theatre session (Photo credit: joeyanne)

I came across Susan Cain’s video on TED TALKS while looking for fellow INTJs on YouTube. It may seem odd to be looking for others as an introvert, though it is quite normal for us. We are not necessarily shy. We internalize our thinking and like to be by ourselves. What better way to find others than through the Internet.

Introversion is not shyness. Introverts like to think to talk. They internalize their thought process and do look for the input of others. The value of others is high and they long to be valued.

Susan’s speech is about the power of introverts. She discuss how the tend to be better leaders and how solitude matters. Our society seems hellbent on removing extroverts. Classrooms are typically setup for group assignments and it causes introverts to feel uncomfortable or that they are in too noisy a place.

Solitude is important. Being able to go off by one’s self allows the mind to be free to express and explore. Ideas come forth and flourish. Today’s society sets higher value on sales than ideas. Here, Introverts are often overlooked and forgotten.

Groups are necessary for creating required solutions. Each person also needs to be valued to be left to work alone to foster deep thought. Truth is found in the stillness of many streams.

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