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Sunday At Cincinnati Comic Expo

Keleigh and Sam
Keleigh and Sam (Photo credit: BrainMuffin)

For this year’s visit to the Cincinnati Comic Expo, it was necessary to go on Sunday. Sure, this would mean there was a good chance that not all the celebrities would be there, but those are the breaks some times.

Arriving just before 2pm, my daughter was target focused in finding the Jason David Frank booth to get his autograph and perhaps talk to him a bit. The irony is had we gone counterclockwise from the entrance, we would have found it straight away, but we went the other way instead.

The Legoland area this year was quite larger and included a very large model of the John A. Roebling bridge. Many comic artists and some professional cosplayers. Still we kept walking.

Finally in line for Jason to return at 2:30, my daughter became more nervous with each moment. Jason finally came out and wound up the crowd with a mobile phone video run by. His energy is contagious. He seems to really like meeting his fans and talking about his life, family and faith.

I was finally Keleigh’s turn to get her autograph. Jason wanted to interview her, so he pulled out his cell phone and recorded a video. He also asked her friend Sam questions, as well as me. I was too concerned about getting a photo and neglected to record him recording us. Oh well. Keleigh also posed with David in showing a punch.

Afterward, Sam wanted to find her favorite professional cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp. So, it was off to find her. Sam bought a picture, got an autograph and then posed with LeeAnna.

We then walked around for a few more hours. The girls bought several things and I took some more pictures. I even was able to capture an image of Henry Winkler signing autographs for fans, many of them quite young. I did get to flash him a Fonzi “Ayyy…” as he walked by later. He smiled.

John Rhys-Davies talked to one couple who was in line for autographs for a good 20 minutes. I’m not sure what they discussed, but he seemed completed interested in what they had to say. He quite genuinely engaged them and listened intently.

I am getting better at taking pictures at the cons. I am still a bit bashful about asking. There are some many great customs and cosplay outfits. I really appreciate everyone who wears them and the time they took to create them. If you see me, don’t be afraid to ask me to take your picture.

I was sad to have missed Jewel Staite.

Till the next con.