Time. We All Get The Same.

Time. Some want more of it. Some use it wisely. Some squander it ruthlessly. Some use it to succeed. Some use it to dig dipper into despair.

Everyday on Earth is measured in units of 24 hours. Unless scheduled for departure, every human gets the same about. Everyday. Every week. Every year. The rich do not get more and the poor do not get less. Some relish in it, others try to manage it.

The matter what book one might read on time management, the secret is it cannot be managed. No matter what one might do or how hard one might try, the clock moves forward at the same rate. Due dates always arrive. The secret is to manage yourself in time.

Ever wonder where the time goes? Ever wonder why some get some much done and others flounder? The answer is obtained by a very simple task. Journaling.


Get a notebook and journal every thing you do in a day. Write down the time a task is started. Write down the time of every interruption. Write down how every minute is spent. At the end of the day, review the journal. What was productive time on an assigned task? What is just goofing off? What is frivolous? What is quality time? What is personal time?

The journal does not lie. It shows where your time went. Spending 2 hours a day talking to co-workers? Some co-worker bothering you 10 minutes of every hour? Hour much longer than you thought? Productive time too short?

No this for a week. Review at the end. Sum the time on productive tasks and divide by the hours expect. How productive are you? Now you know.

The exercise must be done every day to start to have some effect. The answer to where time goes will become answered. Now you know the source of distraction and delay. Now you know where to aim energy to improve. Now you will start to manage yourself in time.

Let Others See Your Satisifaction

You strive and try. You retry and start over. You mold and form. You adjust. Finally, you step back and are satisfied with the result. The task is complete. The job done. You smile. You are satisfied.

When you do this for your business, do you do this alone? Is there anyone that sees you? Or do you do it all out of sight where no one sees? Learn to allow others to see your satisfaction.

People are drawn to leaders. People are drawn to other who are satisfied with their work. People are drawn to satisfied leaders.

Satisfied leaders start a task determined to give their best efforts. There is no kinda doing anything. Leaders start with the intention of finishing. The in between doing is done with 100% of their best. Doing it right the first time diminishes the need for rework. It produces the required result once and the next task is targeted.

The effort is focused. The effort is directed. The effort is pure. Satisfied leaders are not just going to stick their big toes in and just stirring. They jump in and enjoy the journey. The enjoyment builds the satisfaction. The journey builds the results. The results speak for themselves. The leader is satisfied. The job is complete. There is no need for rework.

Are You Looking Or Searching?

Growing up, I remember my mother telling me to search, not just look. I couldn’t find anything unless it was sitting on top of everything else. That’s looking. That’s just kicking the tires and seeing what might happen. That is living life unguided. That is just going along.

Searching is far more active. It requires moving things out of your way, looking under things, actively being involved. Searching is what those who want do. It is what those who want to truly find do.

Going about just looking results in nothing. Window shopping is just looking. It consumes time, but does not result in anything lasting.

Are you looking or searching?

Looking about for solutions to one’s problems or avenues to new discoveries will lead to frustration and resentment. The issue with looking is that it lacks purpose; it lacks drive; it lacks determination; it just is. It is passive. There is nothing propelling it. There is no Why, so there can be no How.

Searching, on the other hand, is about finding solutions will all manner of vigor. Searching will chase down solutions. It will go down avenues to find them. It is relentless. It is full of drive. It is determined. It has a Why and pushes the How through all possible combinations. It finds new ways when old ways run dry. It makes discoveries that lead to more solutions. Searching is active.

Are you looking for searching?

Looking is use Google or Bing to find 42,000 ways to make money on-line. Looking will take one to many websites, perhaps even sign up for a few. Looking sees $200 to start and thinks that’s too much. Looking leads to thinking everything is a scam and there really isn’t a way out. Looking is what the 98% do.

Searching uses Google and Bing to find reviews. Searching discovers which businesses are best. Searching scoffs are $200 to start as too cheap and understands the profits will be too low. Searching leads to start a business that costs thousands and doesn’t worry about the fees. Searching gets results. Searching is what the 2% do.

Are you looking for searching?

DRIVE to Business

Want to know what sets Entrepreneurs apart from Employees? Want to know what makes them tick? It is quite simple. It is DRIVE.

Now DRIVE is not just some verb meaning they push forward. DRIVE is an attitude. DRIVE is a way of life. DRIVE lives and breaths. It is.


No matter what happens, an Entrepreneur is determined to see the outcome. No obsticle is too great and no setback is too large. They go through, around, over or under anything in their path. They will not be stopped. They are the bull.


An Entrepreneur does not just jump without looking; they prepare. When action is required, they are on the ready. They train. They practice. They look for the opportunity and then jump. They move against the flow. They are the boy scout.


The Entrepreneur does not need to be told to move, they are already are. They set goals and then assign tasks to complete them. They do not need to be told what to do and when to do it. They see where their strengths and weaknesses are. The seek training to strengthen all aspects. They are the self-starter.


The Entrepreneur knows where they want to go and plan to get there. No wondering around in the wilderness aimlessly looking for a promised land, they know where they are at all times. Their vision guides and propels them. They are the profit.


The Entrepreneur expects to win. There is no “perhaps in the future” or “maybe it will work” attitude. They are instead “when it works” and “I know it will work” mentally. And if it doesn’t? They have DRIVE to change course and expect results. Failure is just another step to the goal, but an end unto itself. They are the winner.

Know that you know the difference, it is time to put DRIVE into your business. It doesn’t matter if you are an employee or wanting to start a new business, the practice of DRIVE will lend results. Survey yourself and your situation, determine goals and strategies, and then DRIVE to them.

July 4, 2011

As America celebrates another year of independence from England, how free are her citizens? Where has their Liberty gone? As a start of something a little different, here is a video blog reflecting on economic and personal Liberty.

It is time for Americans to take back their Liberties. The Government is not a Giver of Liberty. It is a Guarantor. Liberty belongs to the people.