Will The Real Brainmuffin Please Stand Up

Pensive (Photo credit: BrainMuffin)

In mid 1995 when Anne Langley gave me the nickname Brainmuffin, I was the only one. I added the history of it to my “Be of Schnur” page which explained the origins of my other two nicknames: Ropeman and Schnurmann. A search for Brainmuffin in those days brought only my pages and items from Lambda MOO as I used it as the name of my character.

Over the years, I used Brainmuffin as my e-mail address on Yahoo, as my character for Enemy Territory and Battlefield 2, among other sites. Search people on Flickr and you will find me. A general Google search now though, will return all kinds of fake Brainmuffins.

In the words of the president, “Let me be perfectly clear.” I am the original and only actual Brainmuffin. All the others are fake and frauds. Anne created the nickname from the way she heard Southerns say my first name “Bryon” and Frank Zappa’s favorite word, “Muffin”. One day she turned while using the Silicon Graphics Indy computer we had in the Hodges Library, Systems Department, and called me Brainmuffin. Bob Patrick agreed with the name.

Accept no substitutes. If you want the real Brainmuffin, this is where you look.

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