About Bryon

About Bryon Lape

Who is Bryon Lape anyway? Bryon is a fellow traveler on the road of life. He abides in helping others find their way to their success. The road to the future is a journey that should not be taken alone and Bryon looks for those in need of aide.

Bryon actively seeks those who want a better way. Those you yearn to see and reach their full potential. Those who know there is more to life. Bryon knows Life is a people business and he is passionate about people.

Are you ready to overcome your fears? Are you ready to learn the 1% that is missing for you to have success? Are you ready to rock life? Are you ready for more? It is time to get on the road and head into your future, eyes wide open, head held high, feet firmly planted, going into Life.

To better help others reach their life long goals and dreams, Bryon started 5 Point Management, LLC. At the very center of 5 Point is the five pointed star and the fives letters of SMILE. More than a motto or a slogan, it is the very core, the very why, of 5 Point Management and Bryon Lape’s person.

SMILE is an acronym standing for Sincerity, Mentoring, Integrity, Leadership and Edification.

From the start, everything is done with the utmost to being honest and open with people. Being phoney is not tolerated by Bryon Lape nor his clients. Sincerity is the reminder to be honest and forthright.

Mentoring is the next part of SMILE. Mentoring starts as a one way street as people have Bryon Lape as a mentor. Soon, they find the second way and seek others to mentor. It has been said that one does not truly know a subject till they have taught it to someone else. Actively seeking mentors and those who want to be mentored is a core belief and focus. It is what makes everything else have value.

At the very center of SMILE is Integrity, the reminder to adhere to the core beliefs. Helping others is a focus, not a motto. Do not be divided by various beliefs. Stay to the center. Stay to SMILE.

Leadership is more than the art of directing people. It is a quality that brings others to you. One cannot be a leader by merely stating so. One becomes a leader by first following, finding their own voice and then drawing others to them. A leader with a soapbox and no followers is only a talking head. Let your actions speak. Lead.

The end of SMILE folds back to the beginning. Bryon holds the edification of others an integral portion of business. Let others tell you how you are doing. Hold others up higher than yourself. Celebrate all their accomplishments, so matter how small you believe them to be, with the greatest of honest enthusiasm. Be sincere. Cheer!

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