It Is Coming….

OLDENBURG, GERMANY - MARCH 31:  Rabbi Alina Tr...
OLDENBURG, GERMANY – MARCH 31: Rabbi Alina Treiger uses yad, a special pointer for use with torah scroll texts, as she reads from a torah scroll in the small synagogue on March 31, 2011 in Oldenburg, Germany. Treiger is Germany’s first female rabbi to be ordained in Germany since World War II. Originally from Ukraine, she completed her rabbinical studies at the Abraham Geiger Kolleg in Potsdam and was ordained in Berlin in 2010. She has since taken up her duties to serve the Jewish communities in Oldenburg and Delmenhorst, which are comprised mostly of Russian-speaking Jews from the former Soviet Union that came to Germany after 1989. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)It’s coming!

What’s coming?

It. The Chronicles!

The Chronicles?

Yes, the Chronicles. Not just any Chronicles. It is the Brainmuffin Chronicles!

What’s a Brainmuffin?

What??? What’s a Brainmuffin? A Brainmuffin is stupendous! A Brainmuffin is fantastic! A Brainmuffin is….well a Brainmuffin!

Yep, that’s right. A Direction has finally been discovered. The blog now known as “The Road to the Future” finally gets there. The future has arrived and it is The Brainmuffin Chronicles. This blog, and its companion on YouTube, are going to shape and format the future. It is here. It is now. Get on board and be left crying in your Cheeros. You have one name to remember: Brainmuffin.

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What is a Brainmuffin?

The word Brainmuffin creates in each person a different reaction. For some, it is a giggle.

Frank Zappa
Cover of Frank Zappa

Others smile and roll their eyes. Some pause and recoil. All are valid responses. But what is a Brainmuffin? Why is it sometimes spelled BrainMuffin?

There are many imitators on the Internet. There is only one Brainmuffin and that is me. The name was given to me by Ann Langley in 1995. I lived in Knoxville, Tennessee and worked in the Systems department of the Hodges Library. It is the big Q-bert looking building on the campus of The University of Tennessee.

Ann was a graduate student in the Library school. One day while sitting at the SGI that was our web server, she turned around and called me Brainmuffin. The name stuck. When I asked for an explanation, this is what she gave:

People in the south say your name Bryon like it is spelled Brian. They also say Brain in a similar fashion. One of my favorite artists is Frank Zappa and one of his favorite words is Muffin. So, I put the two together.

There you have it. The whole story behind the real Brainmuffin. Don’t be fooled by the imitators. Follow the original.

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Defeating the Fear

Fear. It is an emotion. It can push one to move, to action. Or it can paralyze. Until it

Scared child
Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

manifests, it is neither good nor bad. Fear that moves you out of the way of danger is good. Fear that freezes you in place in the same situation and that is bad. What is fear doing to you?

Fear can keep us from reaching our potential. Keep us from moving in a new direction. Fear can freeze us to the ground. How to overcome? How to defeat fear?

First, take an honest assessment of yourself and the fear. Is it rational? Is it real? Does failure mean dismemberment or death? No, then the fear is mostly to be overcome. It may be rational, but it doesn’t matter.

Second, go over all the positive in taking the action, taking the first step, seeking a different path. See yourself in those results. Explore all the positive emotions and make them deeply yours. Find items that remind you of those emotions. Make a board and place what you find on it. Look at it. Study it. When the fear comes, go to the board and remember.

Defeating the fear requires a change on perspective. Do not concentrate on the negative, on failure. Put in the front of your mind the positive results. See the results. Make the results happen. Use the power of the positive and take that first step. Do not look back.

Defeating the fear requires a letting go. Let go everything holding you back. Let go of the pain and the familiarity of your current state. Replace it the longing for the new results. Let the longing consume you. It will consume and defeat the fear.

Fear that holds us back is of the unknown. You hate where you are and fear moving in a different direction. Let go of the familiar. Reach for the change. See your new state. Become consumed by what you really want and the fear will be defeated.

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Bryon as Anime

This blog is nice, though it has needed a more personal touch for far too long. Using

Beer vendor
Beer vendor (Photo credit: BrainMuffin)

WordPress is a good start and adding a touch of your personality is a good way to place your mark on the Internet. And so, it is my turn.

While it is true I can help businesses in Cincinnati to have a better mobile presence, what and who I am for this blog has been a long unanswered question. I also like to make beer, am on Ski Patrol at nearby Perfect North Slopes, take pretty good pictures and like to help people better their lives. Answering who Bryon Lape is and how he should present himself on the Internet gets, well…sticky.

What should I concentrate on in this blog? Go all beer, all the time? Write endlessly about Photographer? Make every post sound like a marketing article? Well, yes, all of it and then some.

I’ve asked my daughter to draw me as an Anime. I want to personalize here. Capture who I am. Perhaps draw me with a camera about my neck and a beer in my hand. Why not? I want to express myself in this blog and help people succeed in their business.

I want visitors to return and find good information. Want to know about making better homebrew? There will be articles on that. Discuss and share techniques for photography? Absolutely! It is either that or have five different blogs covering all the topics I want to share. Ugh.

No, I’m not saying I’m an expert in all that. I am saying it is time to share. It is time to help each other. For Bryon Lape, those areas are beer, photography, Internet marketing, mobile app development and sex. Oh wait, that’s not right. But hey. We can talk about Spricket24 then.

So, more stuff, more beer, more boobs and more fun. Or something along those lines.


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