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My Ashley Madison Confession

I’ve been married for nearly 25 years and deeply love my wife. Over this time we’ve had issues and have worked through all of them. Several months ago, I was pissed at my wife and all the hub-bub over Ashley Madison got my attention for a few days.

Yes, I admit it. I setup a free profile. Looked around. Then deleted my account. Well, at least I thought it was deleted. No money was spent. No contacts were made. No cheating happened. Nothing. Zip.

The exact time of my brush with transgression has been lost over the months, but some time afterward the security breach was made public. The stolen data soon became used by phishing sites encouraging people to enter their e-mail address to see if they were compromised. Curious, I entered a few of mine. Surprisingly, an old e-mail address that I never give out came back as compromised. Yeah, that’s funny. I knew right then I had fallen for a phishing site. Really, I should have known better. Duh.

Recently, the blackmail e-mails started. They wanted bitcoin for their silence or they would expose me as something I wasn’t on Facebook. Though I wasn’t going to pay, I knew I had to come clean with my wife. I sat her down and told her the whole story. I got a good punch in the arm, but our love was too strong.

And there is my Ashley Madison confession. Yes, I had an account for a short time. No, I never paid and I never cheated. My conscience is clear and the Universe knows my commitment to my wife and family. The stain is gone and the sin has been forgiven. My goodness and mercy walk with me all the days of my life.


The Benevolence Of Anarchy

Author: Bagande
Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people, perhaps most, think of an out-of-control, no rules, no laws, and violent gangs when they hear the word anarchy. For too long, the only picture of anarchy has been one of absolute chaos and destruction. The typical anarchist known to people, whether in the movies or in real life, is a bomb planting, kill anyone they don’t like individual. There is no mercy and no thought about collateral damage. Unfortunately, these people do exist, but there is another side to anarchy: benevolence.

At its purest form, anarchy is the absence of a formalized Government. A moral people can live quite peacefully without a state to control them. They will go about their lives, working to provide for themselves and their families, and sharing their abundance with their community. Perhaps they ask for money or some other condition of exchange. Perhaps they give out of graciousness. Neither matters. It is their choice and the market will decide the value of their exchange.

An immoral people, however, will desire to cheat and steal from one another. They will seek to destroy each other instead of creating a loving community. There is the difference. A violent exchange is by its very nature immoral. It is morals that guide and give boundaries to society. No morals. No boundaries. No peace.

Some belief that people are immoral by their nature. Watch children at play, however, and it is easy to see the opposite is true. They only know play and joy. They do not know skin tone, culture, or language. They do not know hate. They only know whether they like to play someone or not. They have to be taught how to hate, how to be suspicious of someone else who looks or talks differently than they do. All of that by adults who have been taught the same. The result are good citizens of a state. Not thinking for themselves and hating anyone the state says they must.

It is from the oppressive, controlling state that the violent anarchist arises. Violence begats violence, and the state is the largest creator of violence. It is the state, no matter the government type, that prepares and declares war. It is the state that teaches violence is the answer, always. The state cannot and will not love, no matter how benevolent it appears to be to its Citizens. Social programs are only a way to control the People.

Starting from the positive energy of the Universe, Individuals create Love and Caring for each other. People living in the power of Love do not require the State or its controls on people. In Love, People have the power to create their own reality. Their own Community. It is from a place of Love that Morality grows. Morality brings boundaries to behavior. Guides that keep people outside of violence and hate. A Community created in Love will have Benevolence as a product. Within Benevolence, Anarchy can thrive for the betterment of All. Here it will create and not destroy. Here Love and Caring will blend together to make more than the some of their parts. Here the Benevolence of Anarchy will flourish.