You Might Be A Gym Rat If…

A few decades ago, Jeff Foxworthy started a series of observations about Southerners that became his famous “You might be a redneck if…” Little did anymore realize then how long this series would run and just how much money it would generate. It became an expected part of Jeff’s stand-up routine, as well as, calendars, shirts, posters, etc.

The other day during my rest period when doing bench press, Jeff’s series push a moment of inspiration into my head. There are many who wear the title “Gym Rat,” but how does one know? Is it just someone who is always in the gym? Must they be moving iron or are those who do 2 hour cardio workouts gym rats as well? Ah, the criteria. That is what Jeff is using in his comedy bit. The idiosyncrasies and the oddness define the many faces of the type.

To that end, this is the start of what is believed to be the an ongoing series of gym observations. Who are the gym rats and what do they do? Are you one? Is that guy over there one? What about that woman? Time to observe and report. Send in your suggestions.

You might be a gym rat if…

You change the weight to use for reps just to make the plate math easier.

Your schedule consists of “gym time” and “other stuff”.

You want to give advice to the new person, but decide to let them hurt themselves first.

You go to Planet Fitness just to post vines of people who are without clue on the gym equipment.

You choose your time at the gym based on the level of emptiness, preferring to have the place to yourself.

You are able to time your workout by the song being played in the looped gym music.