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Visualize Your Goal, But Do It SMART

Being able to fully visualize your goal is very important. It expresses fully, in every part of your being, what you really and truly want. Realize these goals by being SMART.

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.


  • Goals are not written in generalities, they are written to a certain objective. They must be clear and concise.


  • There is a saying, “What gets measured gets done.” Obtaining a goal requires a list of tasks and milestones, and a way to measure both progress and success. If nothing is measured, then there is no constraint, no feeling of urgency, no pressure. Ergo, no progress.


  • Getting a goal to go from coach potato to a 4 minute mile in 6 weeks is beyond unreachable. Set goals that doable, even if they are accomplished quickly. Just set a new goal and keep moving the bar. Set smaller goals in line to met a larger objective. Set reward points at milestones to keep yourself motivate.


  • Along with attainability comes relevance. Setting a reachable goal of eating less food when you are trying to increase sales has little relation. How does the reaching of the smaller goal help in obtaining the larger? Perhaps a better goal is generating more leads or better quality leads. Maybe less time spent “shooting the breeze” or working on your mindset, those are far more relevant.


  • Placing a goal so far out makes the goal have less value. Again no urgency is provided and no pressure will be felt. Place a date on delivery. Commit to it. The time frame must be balanced with the attainability.

Learn to use SMART in building your goals. Set several related goals out. Measure progress to them and do them in a timely fashion. Balance your expectations and increase your efforts. You can reach them.

Legitimate. Is it just a slogan?

Browse a simple search for legitimate business opportunities, one might wonder if such a thing exists. There are all manner of promises and ideas. Some will start “FREE” with a “FREE SITE” just for you, but only if you act now. Others speak of how simple it is and how quickly money can be made. Keep clicking and the order pages never seem to end. So much noise, so little meaning. Is any of it real? Or has legitimate been reduced to a slogan? A way to get SEO up?

I’ve been there in those businesses. Sure, I cannot say to have tried them all as there are some many. Some do work, but many do not. It seems it is more profitable to sell programs on how to make money on the Internet that it is to actually make money on the Internet. The programs that start cheap do not have the support nor the education to get new people started. The more expensive ones do, but any program, no matter how great, is limited by the work ethic of the participant. There is no quick way, it all takes work.

Too many have a lottery mentality these days. Buy a ticket at the local store and win $100 million dollars in some multi-state super drawing. Yes, there are a select few who win those, but most people who have built wealth for themselves and their families worked very hard. There is no such thing as a free lunch, unless you work for Congress, someone always pays. When that someone is you and you are working in a proven program with the necessary support and education, you will succeed. You do the work and you get the rewards.

Ask anyone who owns a business. Do they run it or does it run them? In the latter case, it is more likely due to a poor business plan, support system or a product whose market is too saturated, or perhaps combinations of all three. For those who run their business, they have learned what works, they have a system that has properly trained them and they have a product that is wanted and sells well.

Yes, everyone uses soap and shoes, but when was the last time you bought some from a man knocking on your door? When is the last time a new hamburger franchise opened near you? Yeah, never. Those markets are so saturated, a new player cannot be seen through all the mist. There is no angle that will stick. The work will be very hard and lead to nowhere. How can you follow Sam Walton’s advice and swim upstream? It is a torrent. Find a new stream.

It is for these reasons that Carbon Copy Pro was created. It has the support and training to get you started and on a road to success. It is a legitimate business and is for those seeking to build wealth. It is not get rich quite. It takes work and dedication, but the rewards are yours. You grow and you finish rich.

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