Discipline rules, everything else drools

What makes a business person successful? Is it using the best technology? Being able to write the best copy? Making the greatest advertising or the most interesting speeches? Are these the secrets for business success?

Having great skills is indeed helpful, but that is not what tends to lead to success. Many business people have become successful without the best skills, nor access to those who do. One may build the best marketing campaign the world has ever seen, but it will not guarantee results.

Access to the tools and training are requirements to get started, but they will not continue a person onward. The best coaching, the best materials, even the best products only do so much and then more is needed.

There is something missing.

Donald Trump build his financial wealth more than once. Colonel Sanders was in his 60’s and shared his idea for chicken to more than 1,000 people before finding a yes. Do you think Richard Branson just lucked into his success? What of Martha Stewart or Oprah? Just shear luck? Were they born into their positions? Gift from the government?

All of these successful people came from different walks of life and have vastly different business. All of them share at least one trait. This is the trait that powers them on. This is the trait that really matters. They have discipline.

Discipline is what keeps a business person on course will all seems lost. Discipline is what drives and continuously motivates people to succeed. It simultaneously satisfies their hunger and keeps them wanting more. It is what kept getting them up in the morning when all that could be seen was drudgery. It also kept them up at night plugging away at their goals.

Discipline inspires. Disciplines does take no. Disciplines produces. Discipline is what differentiates the 3% from everyone else. It captivates. It encourages. It feeds on itself. Discipline begats discipline begats discipline. There is no magic formula. There is no get-rich-quick path. Discipline rules and everything else drools.