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June 2012 video challenge…finally….

It is finally up. The video everyone has been waiting for. The video announcing the June 2010…I mean 2012 video challenge. So, it is time to embed it right here:

Yeah, that’s right. It is time to get out and make some videos. Time to expand your horizons and learn something new and do something exciting. Everyday, challenge yourself in new ways. Everyday, something different.

Go out. Have fun. Be creative. Forget subjects. Make videos. Too many people concentrate on their message too much to the point it is lost. Forget the message for a month and make videos. Any kind of video.

The rules, such as they are, have been previously posted. Read them. All four of them and get creative! The month of June awaits.

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Announcing a new video challenge

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It is time for something different. It is time to push the boundaries of our experiences. It is time to get out of our comfort zones. It is time for a video challenge. It is time for the June 2012, Video Challenge!

There have been other challenges on YouTube. Some were to make a video a day. Others to shoot twice a week. Some were on a give topic: photography, marketing, introductions, etc. Others had none. This challenge needs to be something different. Something not yet seen. Something real.

Today I did shoot the video announcing the challenge and it will get created and posted. Here is the announcing blog post. What better place than a blog about the future? What are the rules, you ask? They are quite simple.

Rules for the challenge

  1. Have fun – above anything, before everything, have fun making your videos.
  2. Do anything – make a video about cheese, make one showing the wind, it doesn’t matter. Make what ever you want. Capture motion, computer generated, PowerPoint screen capture, it doesn’t matter.
  3. Get out of your box – do something you’ve never done before, go somewhere you’ve never been. Usually make videos inside? Go out? Like the outdoors, do one in the city. Use new techniques and ideas. Explore. Expand.
  4. Runs to the end of June, 2012

That’s it, other than the YouTube guidelines, of course. Post one a day or six. Post as much and as little as you like. It doesn’t matter. The whole point of the challenge is to get out there and go stuff.

Ready. Set. Go!

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Do You Trust Me?

Trust. It is such a simple word. It is one that puts you in the middle. It is a feeling. It is emotional. It is hard to gain and easy to lose. It is a part of being human.

What is trust? Why do we trust some people and not others? What are the qualities that allow us to trust?

The ability to trust lies in the inner portion of the brain. It is emotionally based and has no capacity for language. It leads us to trust people based on a common ground. It is communities that build trust. Neighbors open to one another, leading to help. This human interaction is the seed that grows to trust.

Do you trust me?

We humans long for interaction with others. Video conferences do not fully replace this interaction. The eye-to-eye and hand-to-hand contact is a part of who we are. It is how we build trust.

Trust is integral to human beings. They have to exist or we get more disconnected and more self-centered. Trust is about interactions. It is interactions. No matter the level of experience another may have in what we seek, if there is no trust, there is no relationship.

Trust allows us to take bold steps. It allows us to build great things. Great works. Great wonders. Trust is forged in the heat of battle and the most tender of moments. It breaths and moves. It endures.

Do you trust me?

The start toward trust harbors in the Why of others. When you know why someone does what they do; what drives them to continue; how deep their level of commitment, it is far easier to trust them. You have their motivation. You know there is nothing hidden.

Secrets breed mistrust. Lies add fuel. Openness brings light. Trust only grows in the light. Darkness will surely kill trust. Once dead, it can be nearly impossible to revive.

Do you trust me?

I do what I do because of my Why. I long to empower people. I find joy in watching others discover their dreams, realize their goals, max their potential. Without trust, no one will allow me to know them well enough to help them.

I can help people change their lives. I cannot change it for them. They must walk the path, but knowing someone they trust is behind them will help.

Think back to that first bicycle ride without the training wheels. Was someone holding the seat? Did they run along until you had enough speed to stay steady? How did it feel when you looked back and they were no longer holding the seat? How did it feel when you saw the smile on their face as you achieved? What was it like when it was your turn to hold the seat? That feeling is trust?

Without trust, there is no community. Without community, there is no society. Trust is the very thread that holds us all together. In its absence, insanity rules. Arbitrary laws get passed when people no longer trust one another to do the right thing. Regulations run amuck and the largest gun wins.

Without trust, people are suspicious of others. Without trust, travel becomes more burdensome. People watch one another and quickly turn to authoritarian leaders for protection. No one is safe. All feel uneasy.

It is time to rebuild trust. Time to reconnect with one another. Time to reach out your hand and say hello. It is time to be known by your neighbors and understand each other. It is time for openness and warmth. Let the light in. Build trust.

Do you trust me?

Change is in the Air

Gone too long from posting and inventing videos for changing people’s lives, the time has come to return to the text. So much to cover and the time will come one day at a time.

As I’ve made these videos, I’ve been using my name as the default domain. At the moment, this is pushing to my main business website. While this is good for advertising, it is not good in developing a dialog with viewers. It has become obvious that refocusing is required, but on what?

The videos are outreach, this blog should be the main focus. Ergo, change is in the air.

Oh no!!! Change!?!!?!????? Isn’t that an empty political promise from candidates? Yeah, from the Democrats yes, but not here.

What kind of change is in the air??

The change is quite simple, my name domain is moving here. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Once the business sites have been redone, my named domain will forward to the road to the future. Yeah, this is the place!!!

More advice. More talk. More helpful information. It will be great!