The Coming Mitt Romney Presidency

The Statue of Liberty, donated to the US by Fr...
The Statue of Liberty, donated to the US by France, an artistic personification of the concept. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is the night before elections in America. According to the polls, it is anyone’s guess who will win. The polls claim it is all even. The polls are crap.

Look under the covers of these polls and you will find a telling story. They are cooked. Democrats are oversampled in such high numbers, higher than any real election, to make Obama look as good as possible. It is meant to keep Republicans at home thinking all is lost. What it really does is create an expectation with the dependent class that their slave master will win. When this does not happen, it is sure to bring about rioting in the streets.

The presidency of Mitt Romney will win. He has the momentum. He has the ground level support. Many long-time Democrats, the working class people of America, are chanting anyone but Obama. The presidency is his to lose.

Though many Republicans will cheer a Romney victory, the fact that Liberty will die a little more will be lost on them. They see themselves winning as a good thing. For America and Liberty, it matters little, unless by some stroke of incredible luck Gary Johnson should win. America was founded on the ideals of Personal Liberty and Opportunity. Neither major candidate embraces these ideals. Obama is a Marxist. Romney is a Social Democrat.

Once the results are known (I’m doubtful we will know for weeks after Obama and his ilk sue), I will breath a slight sigh of relief knowing Liberty will die a little slower. But after all the cheering and shouting, I’ll feel sad that more Freedoms will still be taken away.

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