Packing Without Maggie

Suitcase (Photo credit: Perosha)

We are less than two days away from out first family vacation since we had to put Maggie dog down. She was quite old and stopped eating. She was wasting away before our eyes and it was time to say goodbye. We still miss her.

Whenever we started to pack for a trip, she would get nervous. It didn’t matter if everyone or only a single person would be gone. She would pace and follow me around the house. For a time, we could take her to my parent’s house to stay and for a day or so she would hide in their closet. Eventually, we left her at our house and they would come walk her. It helped a bit, but not completely.

This time around, there is no pacing. Snuggles doesn’t mind us going on trips and Toby has yet to experience it. They too will be split as old Snuggles is going to my parent’s house and Toby is going to a local animal hotel. They both will be taken care of, though the experience will be new. We shall see how well, or not, they do.

Still, I miss the nervous Maggie roaming around the house. She was a stray we took in 15 years ago and she lived with us for 14.5. We do not know how old she actually was. She was mild mannered and great with the kids when they were little. We miss you Maggie and are glad you were a part of our lives for so long.

Thank you.

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