Phoenix rocked….HARD!!! Now let’s build

The Master Marketing Event 7 in Phoenix was unbelievable! It was nothing like I expected and EVERYTHING I needed. Yeah, it was that way!

What? You missed it? Why? Why were you not in Phoenix? What is your business? Do you really believe you do not have anything else to learn? Is your business building a community? No? Then it is time to listen.

There is more to building a business than just sales. If you are not building a community then you are not building something that will last. A community is created to sustain people, to establish connections, to generate leadership. Without such constructs, people fail to grow, fail to learn, fail to survive. Being without a community is to go about with 90% of your heart and mind empty. Why not have a business that creates one?

Community building requires one to empty their hearts into the lives of others. It requires placing belief into the lives of others. It requires others believe you care, have integrity and are not trying to sell them anything. Once they truly believe you are genuine, they will follow your lead, your instruction, your path.

They in turn, will find others to empty themselves into. They in turn will effect the lives of others. It is this duplication that creates community. Built in love and with integrity. That become a community that will change the world. That will build a community of individuals with a servant’s heart. That will build and sustain.