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Be Potentially Kinetic

In Physics, there are two basic types of energy: potential and kinetic. Potential is energy not in use. It just sits there. Waiting for an opportunity, but really doing nothing. It is all there to be used. It has great possibilities. It could lead to something, but alas, it does not. Imagine a battery, full-charged and ready, but never used; an object held aloft, waiting to be let go, but never released. That is potential energy.

Kinetic energy, on the other hand, is energy in use. It is the roller coaster car moving about the track. It is the battery powering the radio. It is the fuel in the tank being pumped into the engine to make the vehicle move. It is taking full advantage of an opportunity. It is movement. It is useful.

Everyone possesses some level of each. Everyone has potential to be far more than they are. When there is no action, no attempt at movement, there is only potential. Opportunity knocks, but it is not answered. The potential energy never becomes kinetic.

Which are you? Are you all potential and far too scared to try to become kinetic? What is your fear? Will you let it win? Turn that fear into your own source of kinetic energy and succeed.