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The End Of Toby’s 30 Hour Journey

Today started with such sadness. We felt terrible for taking Toby to the Pound. We felt like bad people, criminals. We felt like we had given up on him. Would he get a good home or would they put him down? Did we let our anger cloud our judgement?

So went the self-doubt and second guessing. The pain kept coming around. We talk. We hemmed. We hawed. Did you make the right choice? Was it for Toby or for our convenience? On and on it went.

Separately, my wife and I decided we had to call. We want the Cincinnati SPCA to know that if they could not get him adopted, we would take him back. We didn’t want him put down. The fact is, we wanted him. Our hearts rang out to an animal that didn’t know what was going on.

By 4 o’clock, it was settled. We called the Pound again. We were coming to get him. We had to pay the dog license fee. They then had to find him (seems he was misplaced). He was happily reunited with us. We thanked the workers at the shelter and took him home.

I shot a second video about Toby.

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