Be Outrageous. Perhaps Even Offend.

There is all manner of noise in the world of marketing and advertising. We all see if. Everyday brings junk mail that is never opened. Commercials on television programs, with the exception of the Super Bowl, are a time to get something to eat or take a bio break, not something to watch. Radio ad spots? Time to surf the presents. With all that noise, how to get people’s attention?

Be Outrageous! See what your competition is doing and develop a way to be Outrageous. Watch the likes of Donald Trump or Frank Kern. Outrageous indeed. Make valid, but outlandish claims about your product and how it will help the customer.

But, won’t being so outrageous offend someone? Won’t people complain?

Yes, but who cares? Unless you are being socially disgusting, the person offended would not have been a customer anyway. Otherwise, they might laugh a bit, but they will buy. You got their attention by being Outrageous and they bought because you convinced they needed what you had to sell.

Also add Boldness to being Outrageous. Stand out. Make your message attention grabbing. Highlight the relevance of your product. Push the customer to a call to action.