This Blog Is Too Good For You

Taking a page from a previous column, this one is started with some controversy and a bit of offense. The milquetoast amongst the readers will be put off, but the more back boned will respond more like, “Oh yeah! I’ll show you and read the %@#* article!”

Getting, or grabbing, a reader’s attention is all about the headline. It is all about emotions and the one you wish to stroke. Make an appeal to their pain, by relieving yet? Push their pleasure buttons and sustaining? Ask a compelling question they will feel lead to answer? All are good and all are effective. Knowing the audience you seek will determine the path you choose.

Yes, again it gets back to the audience and knowing them. Drilling down into a niche will also narrow the focus and give more weight (dare it be gravitas??) to the headline. Spreading a wide net might catch more fish, but there will be far more thrown back than is worth it. Focused marketing will get the most sales and that is the goal. Remember, ROI is about the return in increased sales, not just the traffic uptick.

So, be bold and controversial. Make a pass at your customer’s “I’ll show you!” side and win.