My Date With Nikki Dial

American pornographic actress Nikki Dial at th...
American pornographic actress Nikki Dial at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and Consumer Electronics Show 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a dream like no other. Well, ok, like others, but different. I was in Las Vegas with my wife for an anniversary. We were walking in town, seeing the sites, the tourist thing. A woman about 5’1″ walked by. She was a few years younger than myself and quite beautiful. In the back of my mind, she was familiar.

I walked a few steps more. I turned to my wife and said, “I think I know her.” The name came from the backs of my mind. Nikki Dial.

I turned around. “Nikki?” I asked. She stopped. She turned around. “Yes. Do I know you?” Oh that smile.

No, she didn’t know me, though I told her I was a fan. Back in the day. I introduced myself and my wife. She was on her way back to her hotel from a convention. Yes, one of those kind of convention. She had been signing autographs, but as her day was years ago, few remember her. We spoke for a bit.

Hey, it’s a dream, so weird things happen. Tomorrow we are going to see Hover Dam. We invite her. She accepts. Awesome.

The dream continues with the next day at breakfast. We met up. Eat. Chat. And catch the tour bus. There’s more chatting. Laughter. My wife and her chat and giggle. They even model some for me, though somewhat mockingly. My wife explains how Plexus helped her lose 20 pounds. Then she finally listened to me and joined the gym, doing the exercises I tell her. Now she’s back down to a size 6 like she was 11 years ago.

There’s more laughing. I’m by myself, taking pictures as I am want to do. The Nikon D7000 is clicking away. That afternoon we are hiking together in the high desert. Well, it might be the next day. Who knows? Who cares? It’s Nikki Dial and my wife. They’re talking, getting along. Nikki poses more for me. No, not those kinds of photos. Real modeling. Sometimes more candid, slightly touristic photos. Others are more serious. Some are artistic. Oh what a day.

My body senses time is running out. There’s a request for a kiss. Not from me. It’s from Nikki. The bathroom scene from The Matrix flashes across. I can hear Monica Bellucci as Persephone telling Neo not like that. Like you kiss her. I kiss Nikki again, putting all the passion I have for my wife into it. She’s short. Her knees give out and I have to hold her up. She steps back. Wow.

She turns to my wife and says “I see why you held on to this one.” She turns back to me and smiles. Oh my, that gorgeous smile.

The alarm sounds. Really? Time to wake up.

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