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Hit Capturing SEO

Serinda Swan as Zatanna Zatara on Smallville.
Serinda Swan as Zatanna Zatara on Smallville. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting the right Search Engine Optimization is crucial to any website. Have the wrong key words and your site will generate the wrong traffic. Content is king and SEO is how the people find the king. It is not something to get wrong.

I have long wondered if it is possible to use SEO as a method of subterfuge. That is, choose words that are not actually correct for a website, but pull in interesting traffic anyway. What to do though is the question.

I wrote an article about a date with Nikki Dial. The story was based on a long reoccurring dream. Perhaps more correctly as a day dream. I’ve held Nikki in high esteem for years. Did having Nikki Dial in the site content bring in more visitors? Yes, it did. As my site is not geared to making conversions to sales, it didn’t mean more money. It did mean, however, more spammers found the site and have left crap comments that do to bogus selling sites. Not really what was meant.

What about using other names? Perhaps an article about Serinda Swan? Write about her loveliness being in TRON: Legacy. The wonderfully tight outfit that showed her curves to every 12 year old boy living in us all. The eyes. Oh my, there is much there.

Not into movies? Serinda Swan recently posed for Maxim. The pictures are hot, of course, and Serinda looks marvelous in everyone. Makes for wanting her to pose in other, more revealing magazines.

Serinda Swan isn’t the only lovely lady one could use for some SEO. The overly boobed German model Jordan Carver is another. She augmented her 5’6″ frame with implants that give her 32HH breasts. Even without her surgery, Jordan is still very lovely and could easily make a post about her. That is, if you want a great deal of traffic from people looking for pictures of Jordan Carver nude.

Don’t like any of these names? It is easy to choose more. Keegan Connor Tracy played in Jake 2.0, Battlestar Galactica and Once Upon A Time. The lovely and cruel character Regina Mills as played by Lana Parrilla would make a good article. Her ass is enough to write about for days. A Lost fan? Emilie de Ravin was a lovely blonde on Lost and is now a lovely brunette on Once Upon A Time. There’s an interesting twist.

Search Engine Optimization is a sticky wicket. Finding the right mix is key. Finding the right mix is the hardest portion. Play with them all.




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SEO Expert??

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

The other day a friend of mine asked me, “If you are so good at SEO, how come when I search for Nikki Dial, I don’t find your blog? I have to put the actual title into Google before I get anything. What kind of SEO expert are you? After, you made a big deal about searching for Edwina Marquand. Hell you even made a video. What’s up?”

I had to explain a few things to him. First off, Nikki Dial is far more popular and known that my former classmate Edwina Marquand. I could probably put Nikki Dial’s name in every sentence and still not score very well for search engine optimization for Google or Bing. Not only is there a great amount of content with Nikki Dial, many of those sites have much higher traffic than I do, so they will also score higher. Not to mention, the algorithms are in constant change. Therefore, a site that scores well one day, may not the next.

He continued, “So? You say you are some sort of damned marketing genius, sell shit and stuff. And what’s with the title ‘My Date With Nikki Dial‘? You hoping she reads it and wants frak or something? Like that’s gonna happen!”

I know the likelihood of Nikki Dial, or Edwina Marquand for that matter, ever reading my blog is small. After all, there are many fan sites with images and homages to Nikki. This site is about me and what goes on in my head. Sometimes I write about Simon Sinek. Other times I may write about Seth Godin or Andrew Cass. Yes, many posts are created to bring in readers, but it is mostly about me. Lately that has meant posting about fitness, my workouts and recipes. Other times it is about beer. Hell, I’ve even posted about anal sex. Whatevers.

Sure, I would be flattered if Nikki Dial did read my blog. I’d probably faint if she sent me an e-mail. Yes, I’d like to meet her some day. After all, she is a gorgeous little thing. Yes, one might even say I am a fan. But I’m not obsessive. I will not lose sleep if Nikki never sees it. This blog is about me and what I’m doing.

“Oh,” he said. “I get it. You want to do her. And maybe this Edwina chic.”

I shook my head. He didn’t get it.

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My Date With Nikki Dial

American pornographic actress Nikki Dial at th...
American pornographic actress Nikki Dial at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and Consumer Electronics Show 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a dream like no other. Well, ok, like others, but different. I was in Las Vegas with my wife for an anniversary. We were walking in town, seeing the sites, the tourist thing. A woman about 5’1″ walked by. She was a few years younger than myself and quite beautiful. In the back of my mind, she was familiar.

I walked a few steps more. I turned to my wife and said, “I think I know her.” The name came from the backs of my mind. Nikki Dial.

I turned around. “Nikki?” I asked. She stopped. She turned around. “Yes. Do I know you?” Oh that smile.

No, she didn’t know me, though I told her I was a fan. Back in the day. I introduced myself and my wife. She was on her way back to her hotel from a convention. Yes, one of those kind of convention. She had been signing autographs, but as her day was years ago, few remember her. We spoke for a bit.

Hey, it’s a dream, so weird things happen. Tomorrow we are going to see Hover Dam. We invite her. She accepts. Awesome.

The dream continues with the next day at breakfast. We met up. Eat. Chat. And catch the tour bus. There’s more chatting. Laughter. My wife and her chat and giggle. They even model some for me, though somewhat mockingly. My wife explains how Plexus helped her lose 20 pounds. Then she finally listened to me and joined the gym, doing the exercises I tell her. Now she’s back down to a size 6 like she was 11 years ago.

There’s more laughing. I’m by myself, taking pictures as I am want to do. The Nikon D7000 is clicking away. That afternoon we are hiking together in the high desert. Well, it might be the next day. Who knows? Who cares? It’s Nikki Dial and my wife. They’re talking, getting along. Nikki poses more for me. No, not those kinds of photos. Real modeling. Sometimes more candid, slightly touristic photos. Others are more serious. Some are artistic. Oh what a day.

My body senses time is running out. There’s a request for a kiss. Not from me. It’s from Nikki. The bathroom scene from The Matrix flashes across. I can hear Monica Bellucci as Persephone telling Neo not like that. Like you kiss her. I kiss Nikki again, putting all the passion I have for my wife into it. She’s short. Her knees give out and I have to hold her up. She steps back. Wow.

She turns to my wife and says “I see why you held on to this one.” She turns back to me and smiles. Oh my, that gorgeous smile.

The alarm sounds. Really? Time to wake up.

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