DRIVE to Business

Want to know what sets Entrepreneurs apart from Employees? Want to know what makes them tick? It is quite simple. It is DRIVE.

Now DRIVE is not just some verb meaning they push forward. DRIVE is an attitude. DRIVE is a way of life. DRIVE lives and breaths. It is.


No matter what happens, an Entrepreneur is determined to see the outcome. No obsticle is too great and no setback is too large. They go through, around, over or under anything in their path. They will not be stopped. They are the bull.


An Entrepreneur does not just jump without looking; they prepare. When action is required, they are on the ready. They train. They practice. They look for the opportunity and then jump. They move against the flow. They are the boy scout.


The Entrepreneur does not need to be told to move, they are already are. They set goals and then assign tasks to complete them. They do not need to be told what to do and when to do it. They see where their strengths and weaknesses are. The seek training to strengthen all aspects. They are the self-starter.


The Entrepreneur knows where they want to go and plan to get there. No wondering around in the wilderness aimlessly looking for a promised land, they know where they are at all times. Their vision guides and propels them. They are the profit.


The Entrepreneur expects to win. There is no “perhaps in the future” or “maybe it will work” attitude. They are instead “when it works” and “I know it will work” mentally. And if it doesn’t? They have DRIVE to change course and expect results. Failure is just another step to the goal, but an end unto itself. They are the winner.

Know that you know the difference, it is time to put DRIVE into your business. It doesn’t matter if you are an employee or wanting to start a new business, the practice of DRIVE will lend results. Survey yourself and your situation, determine goals and strategies, and then DRIVE to them.