Hunter Labrada’s Leg Workout Is A Quad Killer

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The January 2014 issue of Iron Man Magazine arrived sometime ago. Reading the articles is always a delight to learn more about workout ideas, fitness and nutrition. Quite often I skip through the interviews as I find them tiring and boring. The interview with Lee and Hunter Labrada was different. I had to read it.

Looking at the pictures, one can easily see that Lee is big, but his son Hunter is huge. A former football player, Hunter has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and go into bodybuilding. Hunter is definitely benefiting from good genetics, excellent techniques and superior nutrition, especially from his father’s line of products.

The chemistry and comradary between father and son was quite warm to see during the course of the interview. Most interesting to me was the workout splits. When it came to legs, calves and quads were worked together. Calves are worked on a second day with hamstrings. Hmmm, interesting. Time to take a closer look.

My latest round with the leg workout had come to a close and it was time to move on. I had to try the quad and calf routine used by Hunter. Unlike other workouts that start with quads and work their way to calves, this one starts at the bottom and works its way up. For me, this meant the quads had done some work before getting to squats and leg press. Very interesting. The workout is as follows:

  • Standing Calf Raises 6×20-30
  • Seated Calf Raises 6×20-30
  • Donkey Calf Raises 3×20
  • Leg Extensions 5×20
  • Hack squats or barebell squats 4×10-12
  • Leg Presses 4×12-15
  • Leg extensions (light) 3xmax
  • Alternate hack squats and barebell squats week to week

As my gym does not have a seated calf raise machine nor is there anyone willing to help me do donkey calf raises (ok, no women that will sit on me), I do the seated raises using the leg press machine. This is perhaps where my quads are getting more work before their time. No matter. My calves are responding nicely.

I’ve done this workout twice, both with barebell squats and not hacks. This thing is a quad killer and they hurt for two days. This is awesome. Later this week will be the other side with the calf and hamstring workout. As this is ski season, I do need to blend these in with Ski Patrol shifts.

Rock on!

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