Start From Here

Sun from Purple People Bridge
Sun from Purple People Bridge (Photo credit: BrainMuffin)

Every person has a muse. For some, it is the love of their life. For others, it is aspiring to greater heights. The muse takes many forms and always alters the consciousness of the receiver.

I once heard an interview with Graham Hancock where he admitted using various drugs when he was writing his books. During a trip to the South American rainforest, he used ayawaska and had a different revelation. Not only was an idea for a new novel given to him, he was told he had to do it sober. Yes, quite an interesting turn of events.

I’m not Graham. And I’m not totally sober.

In the past, great emotion put me into a state of poetic verse. In those days it was usually the love, or love lost, of a woman. Somewhere there is a notebook full of poems dedicated to a true love. I’m sure most of it is bad teenage poetry, maybe someday I’ll find it. Maybe I should toss it. Who knows.

Tonight while listening to an interview with Olivia Stefanino being conducted by Lilou Mace, I heard something fantastic. Sure, the subject of the interview was about being your own guru and much of it dealt with believing in yourself and understanding you have within you what you require to be great, but one thing in particular stuck with me in my altered state inspired by Rogue’s Dad’s Little Helper: start from here.

Each of us is in a place we want to move from. Each of us feels there is far more to life than what we are currently experiencing. Some tend to dwell too much in how we got here and why and who is to blame. Forget it. Learn from the past, but do not live there. Start from here. Start from where you are right now and more toward what you really want. For some, it will require setting and meeting goals. For all, it requires aligning your actions for what your really, really want. Stop living the dream of someone else. Find your own and live it fully.

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