Leadership Starts With You

Having problems in your business? Cannot seem to get the time of your sponsor? Wondering about too much? Stop complaining and start leading.

Ok, but why? What? How? Take a moment and write the problems you see down. Think about each. Which one seems to be the biggest issue? Second? Third? Now place the rest aside. Time to concentrate on these three.

Research each in turn. What is the root of the problem? What resources do you have to solve each? Where is the gap? Need training? Need knowledge? Need guidance? Time to plan. Time to build a map. Start with what you know.

Now that you’ve taken stock of where you are and what you have discovered, develop a plan to put that knowledge into action. This is the beginning of the solution and starts to create leadership via example.

Have people in turn you need to mentor? Show them how to get to their goals by example. Find other sources of ideas and guidance. Do your homework and get working to put that information to the problems. Pushing yourself will allow answers and solutions to be found.

Take the responsibility for yourself and your business. Don’t let anyone else dictate your success. Be the leader. Show by example. Show by doing.

Or you can just sit down and complain you don’t have a leader who will listen. You can wallow in your own sorrow and blame everyone else for your issues. The problems will then become larger and harder to overcome. And you will have nothing.