It Is Still A People Business

You got involved in an on-line business. You bought several domain names and have the hooked into your back office. You have placed ads, you are on Twitter daily and even created a Facebook space. You wonder about SEO and whether it will actually work on Google without getting into trouble. You are everywhere you need to be. You are growing.

After a few days, leads start to come in. Some are hot. Some are tire kickers. Some might have been drunk when the found your website late at night. Your sponsor claimed it was all automatic and others could call for you. So, you just need to sit back and watch the money grow in your account. Awesome! Where is the remote?

Oh wait. The leads come and go, but no funds get generated. No one buys. What the $*#@ is going on!?!?!?! This has to be a scam! I have to get on-line and tell EVERYONE!!!

Wait just a moment there. Did you really think you could sell products to people to whom you have not made any real effort to establish a relationship? Are these people just supposed to get excited because you created a website? Really? Honestly?

By picking up the phone and calling these prospects, you can greatly increase your closing rate. Why? People are far more likely to get involved with someone with whom that have a relationship. If you were walking down the street and some well dressed person spoke to you about a business, would you hand over money to start? No? Point made.

The Internet may make finding and generating quality leads easier, but at the end of the line must be a quality conversation with them. Not calling will cause your leads to move on. Some will not remember signing up. Some will not like what you have to offer. Some will think they signed up for a work at home job. And some will eagerly buy. Without having made the effort to touch their lives, they will not have a reason to finish the connection.

Reaching out to someone shows you care. It shows you are service minded. It shows you are a leader. People tend to gravitate toward leaders. Remember, you are looking to change their lives, not sell to them. If you are trying to sell to your leads, they will flee. Closing is not selling. You want to close the deal to change THEIR life, not yours. Keep the life of your leads the more important component. Keep the focus on them. Some will not see it, but those who do will be excited. They will commit. They will learn. They will grown.

Remember, despite the growth and availability of the Internet, underneath it is still a people business. Keep the people the focus.