Let Others See Your Satisifaction

You strive and try. You retry and start over. You mold and form. You adjust. Finally, you step back and are satisfied with the result. The task is complete. The job done. You smile. You are satisfied.

When you do this for your business, do you do this alone? Is there anyone that sees you? Or do you do it all out of sight where no one sees? Learn to allow others to see your satisfaction.

People are drawn to leaders. People are drawn to other who are satisfied with their work. People are drawn to satisfied leaders.

Satisfied leaders start a task determined to give their best efforts. There is no kinda doing anything. Leaders start with the intention of finishing. The in between doing is done with 100% of their best. Doing it right the first time diminishes the need for rework. It produces the required result once and the next task is targeted.

The effort is focused. The effort is directed. The effort is pure. Satisfied leaders are not just going to stick their big toes in and just stirring. They jump in and enjoy the journey. The enjoyment builds the satisfaction. The journey builds the results. The results speak for themselves. The leader is satisfied. The job is complete. There is no need for rework.