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The Stars Have Come Out

This blog has been around for nearly a year. Some things have changed, while others have not. Today marks the time for a significant change. Not so much to the blog itself, but to the efforts going on around it.

As I’ve been able to help other people and as they have begun to grow, it came time for me to put my foot forward more than it had been. It became time to more loudly announce to the world that changing the lives of others for the better is serious business. As such, it became time to solidify that business.

Today I am announcing the creation of 5 Point Management, LLC. The effort to creation this business took about 3 months. It was quite the arduous task, well worth it though.

The key for 5 Point is SMILE. It is what guides us daily. It is who we are, what we do and why we do it. It is our very center. Up coming posts will explain SMILE and why you should face everyday with it.