Talent Or Ambition?

You get to choose the next candidate with whom to build a business. There are two left. One is very talented and has the skills to do well. Their lack is in caring if they succeed. If they are successful, good, if not, that’s ok. The second has ok to mediocre talent, but they are ambitious to succeed. They want it. They can taste it. They are driven.

Which will you choose? Why?

The talented candidate will move forward quickly. They will take quickly to training and your time will be well spent. As they apply, they will turn results. Why not pick this one? What drives them? When the going starts to get a little tough, will they continue or stop? They have no ambition so they have no drive. You will have to keep poking them off the couch to do what needs to be done. The talent is great, but without focus it will accomplish very little.

The ambitious candidate is going to take great amounts of energy. They will require repeated training to get the skills required. They will have to try everything more than once to make what is required second nature. They will have to spend long hours and late nights. They will drive you crazy with questions, many times the same ones. They have drive though. They know what they want and believe you know how to teach them to get it. They will never stop, never quit and if they are on the couch, they are dead, not resting. They are teachable and they have a goal. They will succeed.

The Entrepreneur will choose ambition over talent.