The Marketing Event of the Year

On May 21st in Phoenix, Arizona, the most amazing event will take place. It will not be witnessed by many people and some of the attendees will not doubt miss the significance, but for those who are prepared, it will change their lives forever. Though billed as a marketing event, it is really a journey of self-discovery for the leaders.

In the realm of marketing, branding is king. Creating a brand that has appeal to your target audience is a never ending process. When that brand is, it is of more import that you build correctly. The event in Phoenix is meant for such. Discover your brand, build your brand and market true to your brand.

Being true can be one of the hardest ideals of marketing to maintain. All too often it is too easy to over-hype and over-promise on your brand to not deliver. Once jaded about your brand, it is very hard to reacquire a good reputation. The wrong news spreads faster than the correct. Tread carefully and with integrity.

One may wonder how this event will be helpful. Getting to meet and be with the founders and leaders of CarbonCopyPRO is how. While it is true that many other business hold such events, very few limit the attendance to the serious and allow such up close access. Attend your typical MLM event and there will be thousands. The speakers, though leaders, are not close to the founders nor are they are accessible. If one has earned enough, one might get to sit closer, but that is it. How is that helpful? It isn’t. It is just a “Rah, rah, we rock!” party not an event geared to help you build your dream. This event is.

How can you get to the Master Marketing Event? Easy, plug into the system and get your ticket. Your next 90 days will never be the same.